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Anyone thinks that tmi will be faithful to old series in regards to gameplay?

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I know that TT have stated that the tales series will try to be faithful to the old MI games, but l wonder how much of that is actually accurate. Just that the last Monkey Island title is more than eight years old, l would think there would be some sort of differences. Anybody else worried that the new guybrush game will feel different?

I hope the Tales plays like the old one. Sorry to be a bit nostalgic but playing both season 1 and 2 of Sam and Max, I am a bit worried that the new tales of episodes might be diff just because of age.

The two S&M TT series are quite fun, but beside the episodic content, the game felt different to Sam and Max: Hit the Road. I think havnig the repetitive three things puzzle as well as being self contained games changed the whole feel of S&M.

Then again, the MI titles have always been episodic in a way that they are broken up in chapters. With TT commenting that they will have the episodes being heavily connected to one another like parts of a book, as well as having items that combine, the game may be just like the old MI games. I guess it depends on the game's story to detemine if this is close to the old MI titles.
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  • With the developers having so much history and experience with the series, I have faith.
  • I think it will be faithful, yes. Many of the same people on the team, too.
  • I'm hoping that only the first chapter will have the monkey island intro and the last chapter will have the end credits and each chapter will start with the traditional chapter screen + music. But... I'm not sure if they'll do it :( (pleeeeaaassseeeee......)
  • I feel it will be faithful, too.

    Oh, and one thing about Sam & Max; it didn't feel exactly like Sam & Max but that's because LucasArts' own rendition was somewhat off. And if one were to compare both games to Purcell's own comics, I believe one would find that the Telltale efforts were far more faithful.

    I'm not sure how many would agree with me, but the humour in the comics and the cartoons was both slightly more subtle, and much more absurd, but even the absurdity was subtle in its own way. However, LucasArts approached that absurdity with a blunt hammer, so much of it was in your face. That didn't feel quite so Purcell-like to me.

    The LucasArts Sam & Max game was fantastic, but if we're talking about which is more accurate to the source material? I'd have to say the TTG games were. TTG is very good at being faithful to their source material.
  • I've always felt as though Hit the Road was truer to the language of the comics and better captured Purcell's unique surreal sesquipedalian idiom. The dialogue in Telltale's Sam and Max games was more natural-sounding and less long-winded and bizarre.
  • I personally feel (though I haven't played past S1:E1 of SnM (yet!!!)) that TT has remained very faithful to the style of SnM...even that shown by Hit the Road.

    I've also played SB:CG4AP and that also stayed quite true to the source.

    I understand if people disagree with me on this point, but to me everything from the feel of the gameplay down to the dialogue, humour, etc. all capture their subject beautifully.

    I grew up playing SMI and I'm not a bit worried about TT getting their hands in on my favourite childhood (and still to this day) game.
  • Ron Gilbert approves. So that being said, yes.
  • I'm betting they'll put their own spin on it but it'll feel fairly consistent with the first 3, at least in the aspects where the first 3 are consistent :)
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