Telltale, Masters of Many Universes and Titles.

edited December 2014 in Minecraft: Story Mode

I was so sad to see such hate with purists dissing this idea for a story game. I may be biased as I do love Minecraft, and I think it's such a great game for young and old people alike. Gives them common ground, which I feel is lacking on a global scale lately.

Here's my issue though. If there's one thing I've noticed, Telltale has a special talent for getting rights to use a title... be it TV show or video game or graphic novel. The way they create parallel stories within these universe encompassing titles absolutely blows my mind. I'm so curious as to why so many people are angry... when so many people also love Minecraft.

You may not like Minecraft though...(Yes I'm talking to you who is thinking "Grumble fan boi.. I HATE Minecraft it's lame!") but you can't deny that there are MULTITUDES of people who do. Why not try a game set in a specific universe that maybe you're not into... plainly for the joy of experiencing that universe from the POV of someone (Telltale) you actually share a POV with (IE you like their style of games).

For Example. I hate FPS games. Never liked them... BUT I bought Tales from the Borderlands when it came out because I was hoping I could experience that universe from a different gameplay style... and guess what! I love it! I love the telltale style of storytelling games and I'm sure a lot of you do too.

No reason not to eventually give it a chance when it goes on sale even... Me, I'll be waiting for release!


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