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not replaying the old games

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perhaps it's just me...

I'm hugely excited about the new TMI, but despite owning 2, 3 and 4 I don't really want to replay them.

I love my screen savers, MI desktop and ringtones, but the fun of the games was spending hours trying to figure out the puzzles....trying everything with everything and everywhere. Once you've done that, the enjoyment is mostly gone..apart from all the humour.

Doesn't anyone else feel like that? Just as easy to watch someone else replay it on you tube to see the whole game, but the puzzles was what made it so appealing to me (along with the graphics and the humour and the adventure and the music and.....)
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  • Not me; I love revisiting the worlds. Sometimes I discover funny lines I missed.

    And the GREAT thing about playing as you get older is that a lot of the time you forget how you solved a puzzle in the first place, especially if it's been a few years since you played, and you have to start from first principles again.

    Actually that's about the only good thing about getting older...
  • KB57;131362 said:
    [...] you forget how you solved a puzzle in the first place [...]
    I have a bit of a mild memory disorder so this actually happens to me a lot, on the bright side I get to figure out how to solve puzzles again. Somehow I remember the story, but the solutions to most of the puzzles evade me.

    This is a boon though, and the only time I've ever felt burdened by it was in The Longest Journey, using that contraption with the duck tire to get the key off the track. Auuuuugh, I HATE THAT PUZZLE. I actually had to write the solution down just so that I wouldn't have to face it on my Longest Journey replays.
  • Yeah, first thing I do once I end a good adventure game is replaying it again. Two or three times if it's Telltale, due to its length.
  • I agree, when having stress at work or being depressed I always turn to a weekend on MI! Especially with the guru Herman Toothroot teaching me about colors in the forest!:cool:
  • rubberchickenwithapulley;131403 said:
    Especially with the guru Herman Toothroot teaching me about colors in the forest!:cool:
    That part pissed me off when I played it the first time, heh.
  • I like replaying the old games every now and then. Even though I can probably play Sam & Max Hit the Road with my eyes closed, I still enjoy it for its story and characters. Replayability is definitely lower for adventure games than, say an action game or strategy game, but its still there in a similar form to going back to watch a film you've seen before. The first-time impact of it has gone, but its still fun. I'm currently replaying through CoMI, and I intend to try EMI again soon after (granted this will only be the second time I've played EMI)

    Honestly, I envy people with not-so-good memories, who tend to forget what happens in films/TV/games over a few months. My mother's like that, so even if she's seen a film before, she would have forgotten it and thus happily get that first-time feel again.
  • Replaying adventure games I'd already completed always felt like rereading a good book to me. :)
  • I've just started replaying SMI and I'm finding it a challenge still. Oh sure I remember the story and some of the more memorable puzzles but there's plenty that I forgotten!
  • Replaying them is great fun for me. It's been years since I last played any of them.
  • I always enjoy replaying old games, in particular old SCUMM games.

    When ToMI was announced, after preordering I started (and finished today) a "refresh course" on the four MI games...

    Productive week, right? ;)
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