Can't play a game I was gifted Steam

I was given the Game of Thrones game as a gift on Steam. I created a Telltale account and played it for an hour. When I went to play it again the next day it didn't allow me because 'You don't own the game'. I dug a bit and found my Steam account and Telltale account weren't linked so I thought 'Ah, there's the problem'. Turns out that isn't it as it is still not letting me play the game again even though I created and logged-in into a Telltale account to begin with and it allowed me to play without impunity.

Please can you help me, or at least understand what it going on?

I can play the game if I turn Steam onto Offline Mode. Still, I shouldn't have to do that to play the game.


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    Please try starting Steam while connected to the internet, and when you reach the Click to Connect screen, please try waiting 5-10 minutes before clicking, and then click to continue, and you should not receive the error message again.

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