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Forum of Thrones: An Interactive Story

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Just like Winter, the Game of Thrones fanfictions are finally here! And nobody will be able to stop them!

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Greetings, my name is Liquid! I am a longtime reader of many wonderful Interactive Fanfictions that can be found here on this forum. For a very long time I wanted to write one myself. One evening in late December 2014, I simply started to do so and I haven't really stopped writing ever since. The result of my writing is the story you are reading right now, Forum of Thrones, which is an Interactive Fanfiction set in the same world the books, the show and the game take place.

But wait... "What is an Interactive Fanfiction?", I hear some of you say. Well, an Interactive Fanfiction is like a regular fanfiction, with the gimmick that you will be able to create characters that will appear in it and, on certain points in the story, you will be able to influence how it continues by voting for one of several potential actions. Your choices can drastically alter the course of the story.

Now that you know what an Interactive Fanfiction is, I would be honoured if you decide to join the fun, by reading the story, by creating a character for it and by voting on how it should continue. Everyone is welcome, so don't be shy. I am always happy to welcome a new reader.

You can submit as many characters as you want here:

You do not need to have knowledge of the books or show. While it certainly helps to have it, I will try my best to explain everything for newcomers. If you have a question, just ask.

Your character can be from any place in Westeros or the neigbouring continent of Essos, they can have any occupation you can think of and their backstory and personality is yours to choose. Be creative!

You also shouldn't be discouraged by the large amount of characters that are already submitted. I usually introduce characters when they fit the story the best, which means that your character could be introduced earlier.

Now, let me tell you something about the story:

Alt text Alt text

The story is set in Westeros, roughly 300 years before the story of the books, show and game start, shortly before Aegon Targaryen launches his conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. As such, it features mostly original characters, most of them created by the readers, but a few characters that are mentioned in the Ice and Fire books will appear as well. It stays mostly canonical to the events that are detailed in the history of Westeros, which still leaves me with enough room to write my own story around it.

During the time of this story, there was no united kingdom that spanned all over Westeros, but rather a multitude of independent kingdoms. The main story of this fanfiction's first book will take place in some of these kingdoms, but it will mainly deal with the future of House Raylan of Raylansfair, a once powerful noble House in the Kingdom of Reach, that has fallen upon hard times lately.

The old Lord Raylan, the last of his line, is dying and has not yet named a successor. Many people have hopes, regarding the future of the house. Some might want to take over the House and the considerable wealth it possesses. Some might want to extend the influence of other kingdoms into the heart of the Reach, by taking Raylansfair in the name of another king. And some might want to seize the opportunity and win the favour of the future Lord Raylan. Every king in Westeros looks at Raylansfair these days and even some people from outside of Westeros take an interest in these events.

The story is divided into three Books, each consisting of three acts and three chapters. Currently, I am writing Book 1.

Book Status:

Book 1: [Ongoing]

Alt text

Prologue: Below him, the City [Finished]

Act 1: A Fate Uncertain [Finished]

Chapter 1: Dark Wings, Dark Words

Read it on Google Docs here!

Chapter 2: Broken Vows

Read it on Google Docs here!

Chapter 3: We Write History

Read it on Google Docs here!

Act 2: Shattered and Broken [Finished]

Chapter 4: Butterfly

Read it on Google Docs here!

Chapter 5: The Iron Price

Read it on Google Docs here!

Chapter 6: Masquerade

Read it on Google Docs here!

Act 3: Wildfire [Ongoing]

Chapter 7: Valar Morghulis [Finished]

Read it on Google Docs here!

Chapter 8: What Is Dead May Never Die [Finished]

Chapter 9: Valar Dohaeris [Ongoing]

Interlude: Seven Letters [Coming Soon]

Book 2: [Coming Soon]

enter image description here

Act 1: The Calm Before

Chapter 1: Fires Far

Chapter 2: Thorns

Chapter 3: Ours is the Fury

Act 2: With Chains of Iron

Chapter 4: The Lamb

Chapter 5: Song of the Warrior

Chapter 6: River Crossing

Chapter 7: Riptide

Act 3: Rainfall

Chapter 8: From Ashes

Chapter 9: The Fangs of Winter

Chapter 10: All for our Pride

Are you a new reader? Then you can either follow the links below the chapter titles to read the parts without skimming through the pages of this thread, or you can read the summary for a more general overview, which you can find by following the link below!

Character list: Characters in bold are Point-of-View characters

Introduced characters:

In Raylansfair: Jenna Harking, Rosalie Mettel, Wolfius Woodbark, Richard Harking, Philip Loren, Ilish Granver, Carma Strad, Kersea Catelins, Farrel Strad, Mickaela Strad, Arthur Nathamer, Alan Harking, Nora Recton, Ser Darren Tallwood, John Gutten, Temari Keys, Aylard Kawl, Sawyer Kawl, Kyette, Gunel, Maya Iresons, Gregar Balvind, Irving Todd, Ser Aldrik Wolver, Christian Thomas, Willfred Reyne, Vashord Tallian, Ser Roger Hill, Jaro, Sherryl, Audrey Marigold, Megur Marigold, Daisy Vega, Lawsen, Mathea, Kreep, Ser Daghan Oxus, Aditha Nathamer, Keat the Trickster, Lucas Flowers, Leonard Constantine, Samantha Ducard, Sasha, Lord Harlen Tyrell, Elias Tyrell, Saerya Waters, Ser Ian Shortwood, Magnus Silverstone, Bennett, Edefilec Magabaz, Hal Recton, Irnas mo Akk, Princess Argella Durrandon, Drent Golton, Emphryus Dresfel, Garen, Tariel, Torrence Bernile, Edonia Bernile, Vaasrand of Lys, Torold Stratford, Taenora, Ulaf, Axell Snow, Valarr Roux, Aldus Ermo, Helenys Bellward, Aren Charlton, Nymeria Aspys, Melylea, Nila, Daemion Stratford, Ser Orys Baratheon, Ser Gordar Celtigar, Ser Rahaerys Velaryon, Ryler Grimthorn, Hjalgar Holgarsson, Rell Vessels, Garthon Breaker, Tedyn Bullister, Davith Lanser, Lord Petyr Vyrwel, Ser Maron Mullendore, The Tom, The Moggy, The Sphynx, Connor Frostborn, Ser Hugo Farnham, Edith Flowers

In the Reach: Noelle Mield, Archmaester Wulvren, Lord Hobert Lowther, Malkolm Sternhelm, Ellena Terys, Alys Boleyn, Edward Anturion, Alisa Karstark, Carvin Granver, Wilbur, Bear, Morgrem Dermont

In Oldtown: Ser Jaron the Bastard, Harpy, Talea, Samuel Harrington, Archmaester Quent, Samuel Puffer, Ryder Harrington, Farris Flowers, The High Septon, Taria Templeton, Ser Arryk Bulwer, Lord Manfred Hightower, Roach, Erik Inchfield, Lanford, Ayden Blackwell, Abbas al-Yunkari, Bakr al-Astapori, Janae, Behara Keys, Joshawa, Donna Flowers

In Harrenhal: King Harren Hoare, Harmund Hoare, Harlan Hoare, Harndon Hoare, Harrick Hoare, Holt Torv, Gabin Strad, Damon Greyjoy, Kyra Greyjoy, Simon Vessels, Adrew Frey, Velmont Redloon, Ser Rickard Fowler, Alerah Blacktyde, Dorran Blacktyde, Lord Reymand Orkwood

In the Riverlands: Lord Edmyn Tully, Dayna Tully, Lord Petyr Blackwood, Lord Tytos Bracken, Lord Brandon Frey, Lord Arrec Mallister, Dacey Longbow, Jon the Harper, Jared Hunter, Woody Lincoln, Alynne Hollard, Ser Edrick, Leo York, Dante Karstark, Darreth Kailen, Ser Alphyn Frostborn, Raenna Minsworth, Brandon Snow, Briar Catelins, Jorid Wolfborne, Reymond Mormont, Gawayne Schaffrot

In Castamere: Lady Mileena Reyne, Alanna Reyne, Tinnet Reyne, Lea Paladin

In the Rock: King Loren Lannister, Lucion Lannister, Lord Darren Reyne, Lord Quentyn Crakehall, Sadie Wade, Gyles Gomblinger, Blane Banefort, Nilanne, Leonard Hill, Tythan Lannister, Durren Stallhart, Sanyse Gomblinger, Edward Lancaster, Wylie, Rhogarn Snow, Two-Face, William Gering, Melanie Wade

In Storm's End: King Argilac Durrandon

In the Stormlands: Ser Baron Schodek

In the Vale of Arryn: Lord Orson Royce

In the North: Lord Barroth Boleyn, Norren Snow, Arthries the Fierce, Lord Lionel Frostborn, Lady Elizabeth Frostborn, Evelyn Frostborn, Lucien Frostborn, Darko Mogfield, Jeffrey Snow,

Deceased or Unknown: Lord Robert Raylan, Maester Eaton, Ser Ilhan Lagoon, Lord Trymon Brune, Halla Peddle, Cass, Robb, 'Butterfly', Lunett Kawl, Dairon, Alexander Botwerys, George, Septon Corbin, Dimitri the Wise, Himani Sand, Keira, Jarek, Jaylon Gordus, Martin Wilshere, Than, Rayden, Roman, Otis Shiff, The Burned Man, Terroma, Marak, Jarow, Urid Strad, Lyria Mettel, Harris Flowers, Alysanne Waters, Lenrianda, I'lian, Ser Rodrik Stone, Lord Clint Volmark, Federico Snow, Ando Pyre, Clayton Teryl, Hackor Nathamer, Ser Jax Montclair, Torvin Breaker, Baelor Bloodbane, Dan Ornon

Characters waiting to be introduced: Normund Tavorch, Myriah Watermont, Jenelyne, Yoreen Flowers, Ribel Orkwood, Ai'sha al-Meereeni, Jeyne Redwyne, Carth Nerisial, Ser Kasyn Luck, Ozerog Pilaj, Benjamin Snow, Worland Mormont, Arleigh Mormont, Jorn Mormont, Dervon Mormont, Agar the Cold, Vii the Innocent, The Hawk, The Pig, The Rat, Jarcka Snow, Covarro Rednar, Kovaggo Rednar, Beopin, Ser Northland Uller, Hareld Pyke, Dariel Lagoon, Oberyn Lagoon, Jahaer Lagoon, Maester Coracinus, Hazar the Weak, Inquisitor Hadrax, Dagar Manwoody, Mogor Manwoody, Mariana Manwoody, Sarina Manwoody, Jors Manwoody, Osomor Deraka, Richard Snow, Thomas Karland, Laryl Callace, Dagon Hake, Marcus Whitehead, Celestial Sunder, Ozaan, Ser Lachlan Keding, Semsi the Slicer, Nalia, Adian, Maldar the Quiver, Mirandra the Sweet, Sharako the Orphan Mother, Jorario the Beast, Timos the Hammer, Jaqiros Nestoris, Vhassah the Shield, Montoya the Duelist, Marie Redloon, Wildor Goodbrook, Joran Norridge, Lady Evelyne Blackwood, Walder Blackwood, Ethan Blackwood, Raymon Blackwood, Marian Blackwood, Ser Torvin Hale, Lyra Bracken, Sebastian Sand, Esso, Nymeros, Lupin Frostborn, Darrok Yronwood, Ser Lyonel Sand, Bartmer Tidewater, Aenar, Aeron Blacksails, Peter Bulwer, Lilly Evergreen, Ser Devan Lannister, Xha, Edric Rivers, Deywn the Fiddler, Gavin the Tall, Hobb, Kabur Algashar, Dreck Rat, Laina Snow, Goranero Sanys, Darrok Krey, Reina Krey, Paxtan, Leonard Storm, Alice Stone, Flynn Herschrof, The Lynx, Adelayne Camberlyng, Khazul Bluescar, Emilia Mendose, Malina Karstark, Roffe Umber, Dag Umber, Asher Velaryon, Symond Brownwell, Svend, Salazar Redwind, Carac Thaon, Ryia Thaon, Brahmin Lozano, Girgar Son of Lagar, Nasi Snow, Raena Snow, Kory Umber, Markus Treearms, The Heretic's Bane, Royland White, Arryn Blackwell, Aklen Pentas, Ryman, Daenos, Fawn Borrell, Leliana Fawnbare, Leon Fawnbare, Maxwell Wolfraven, Vivielia Sand, Thomas Blackwell, Vanis Rardein zo Narrn, Lord Devrin Oakheart, Lady Lydia Oakheart, Edwin Oakheart, Alicia Oakheart, Kaya, Kieran Drox, James Carpenter, Aegorn Sarsfield, Rody Hunt, Lanard Tarly, Jaxar Rivers, Jaerelos Hartys, Ragnar, Aevron Barennis, Harlik Blacktyde, Lord Lanard Reed, Nea Umber, Kari Umber, Runa Umber, Logyn Clist, Nicola Sand, Ser Arron Estermont, Elias, Thomas Khan, Elizabeth Khan, Daeron Xeromai, Gerold Stratford, Melany Stratford, Naela Orlatis, Kitana, Thorlak the Kind, Wesley the Worried, Ser Edgar Blackmont, Lord Waylar Manderly, Wyllem Manderly, Weslor Manderly, Draedis the Brilliant, Rydan Furrow, Jane, Melo, Thane Rutherford, Laurence, Irae Caleris, Naelys Qaranor, Lazaaros Fyllaar, Malien Shire, Aren, Konrad Blacktyde, Darkshade, Bastet Magabaz, Bariq, Nain Anturion, Axell Farnham, Aeron Longstar, Ser Dalver Hammet, Blackclaw, Qoulette, Rose, Johannes Challender, Felix Storm, Gaige Bellwyck, Maurice Mad-Eye, Tyrion Rugen, Timor Warsame, Vyria Aspys, Doran Aspys, Elia Aspys, Aron Aspys, Ilia Sand, Hishi, Seresa Stassohr, Edric, Erwin, Gilbar Cale, Sophey, Juran, Drake Ironshield, Vitihho, Gared Snow, Zevrion Greywolf, Ser Landry Swann, Gakharhi, Sorrod Lorke, Meynn, Shanna, Hernan Gaythorn, Sai, Bognard Swyft, Liam Lannister, Lord Harald Degore, Aagenys Waters, Aatyn Waters, Thorrin Bannister, Wyndroar, Remi Royce, Lucia, Cregan Stone, Yusuf Hillsider, Gerald Inchfield, Absidee of Lys, Lord Ascar Bloodboar, The Fang, Aryana Tavner, Lord Robert Tavner, Tym Flumble, Haragard Murphey, Harden Murphey, Adrien Vega, Darla Vega, Grulk, Masaewi Noor, Gross Mole, Valdis Ubel, Lord Donnel Selwyn, The Iron Viper, Anders Hill, Lord Felir Catsby, Efram Forrester, The Rabid Fox, Maester Eddard, Ser Birold Blurson, Ellaria Forrester, Lord Esbern Forrester, Raekar Maegyr, Warmond Manderly, The Shadowcat, Maester Qoherys, Damion Lannister, Lorrna Marrowbone, Chett Bolton, Rickard Bolton, Raymar Bolton, Jeyne, Patrek Bolton, Merris Bolton, Hayla Direstone, Bryce, Leeohn the Liar, Kusul, Ser Connor Higbee, Ira Lordslayer, Gunther Bladehand, Vogero Forios, Oknis, Jacob Da-Ibn-Lynch, Valydyn, Lyxor the Shadow, Juan Mcguin, Azazel, Pandora, Lanchang Whitecross, Aquilina Stone, The Swan, Cira, Ruban, Ghordon Khanos, Stephen Snow, Ames Howard, Luceus Floro, Exwind, Berrick Rivers, Nagan Taranyon, Dennis Prins, Garesso Foryl, Armand Vonliss, Dennis, The Gray Prince, Eudoxia Tournebulle, Zixun, Bazaeya Braesendys, Aentihys, Varan Velaenor, Laevon Raelgaeron, Hemys Raelgaeron, Ser Vahaegor Caentaris, Clarent Mad, The Unknown One, Arstan Kalloway, Rowan Crios, Lord Adonis Wrath, Kathleen Drinozzi, Edyn Greenhill, Kaeth, Borcas son of Bodger, Bea, Daigon Allocen, Tzina, Stephas Naller, Grin, Olira Morrass, Lord Chrass Serry, Melvard von Purcell, Aryl Purcell, Alwin Redwyne, Otho Wayland, Viera Coldwater, Cale Nullgard, Kalin Brud, Asdrubal Knippschild, Nina Solari, Allaryn, Soryan, Sylvi Codd, Viveka Codd, Simon Stokeworth, Harrold Hornwood, Helen Arryn, Garlan Gardener, Rhonda Upcliff, Eon Dustin, Mariya Piper, Ser Russel Roxton, Tyler Prester, Lady Margo Serry, Vanesha Selwyn, Katherin, Waryn Rhoyne, Ser Powle Symond, Jarrod Estermont, Melissa Farman, Myranda Moore, Lucas Lolliston, Meredith Moore, Osborn Royce, Redmond Royce, Amelyn Menard, Balthazar Eldisari, Ryman Redfort, Alessander Norcross, Reynard Florent, Ser Gerold Grimm, Theodan Allyrion, Ysilla Sand, Lord Alester Allyrion, Lady Belandra Allyrion, Ashara Allyrion, Yandry Allyrion, Saltmouth, Selwyn Vypren, Ser Benedar Bettley, Claudia Vance, Moriah Dayne, Marianne Estermont, Dustran Selwyn, Aatron, Gravven Drumm, Amerei Mooton, Ser Damon Darklyn, Bernard Buckler, Jonathan Errol, Warrick Fell, Roderick Ironsmith, Zhoe Ironsmith, Dana Darke, Garikha Pushul, Tybolt Rowan, Lawrence Steadmon, Kar Shun

Are you interested in how the characters look? Check out these awesome drawings created by @foxbrg2 and @WildlingKing:

That's it from me for now! If you want to join, don't be shy. I always look forward to hear from you. And remember, when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die...

Valar Morghulis!

  • First, there are a few people I need to thank:

    @InKennyWeTrust and @Domingez, for writing the two best stories on this forum. You two got me hooked on the forum a few months ago and without your amazing stories I would never have written one myself.

    @TheKingOfWalkers, for being the first person who really made me consider writing my own Fanfiction

    @Gustav_Kenny and @Raging_Blades, for writing the first Game of Thrones fanfiction on this forum. While I don't know if mine will be as great as yours, you sure managed to inspire me

    And finally @You, for reading this and hopefully reading the story too

  • Can you say some careers that women aren't allowed to have? Would be useful for the occupation section.

    E.g. can they be Maesters? Soldiers? Blacksmiths?

    • I assume women can do most things men can do, albeit it will be incredibly rare and looked down upon. Although, I believe women cannot be Maeseters. Soldiers? I don't think so. A blacksmith? Possibly.

    • According to the books, women can't become Maesters and while I'm not exactly sure about soldiers, I would allow it. Every other job is available for women as well, even though they might be looked down upon by some men. The Dornish are an exception, since they treat woman as completely equal. Still, a clever woman like Cersei or Margaery can hold tremendous power

      • Is there any specific reason why they can't be maesters or just sexism? And if sexism, can they be maesters in Dorne?

        • Maesters are taught in Oldtown(which is in the Reach), so there would be no female Maesters specifically for Dorne.
          This Article should help you Maesters

        • No real reason has ever been stated, so I assume it is sexism. And since the Maesters train at the Citadel in Oldtown/Reach, not even the dornish women can become Maester. However, one female dornish character from the books allegedly disguised herself as male and now trains at the Citadel, so if you want to create a female Maester it could be a girl who successfully disguised herself for a few years.

          By the way, I received Drent too and like him very much :)

          • Ah, thank you for the explanation.

            And thanks about Drent! I realised after submission that gay marriage almost certainly isn't a thing in GoT and yet Drent had a fiance, but you can just make him a long term boyfriend.

  • This sounds really interesting... :0

    I'll create a character.

  • Oh, Liquid is doing a fanfic? About Game of Thrones? Well, sign me up!

    Now I just need to come up with a character, hehe. I'm really looking forward to this! :)

  • Made three characters, more to come.

  • Sounds really promising! I've already come up with two characters, I'll submit them when I get a chance.

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    InGen_Nate_Kenny Moderator

    That was a lot of writing. I need to learn more about Game of Thrones lol.

  • Wait, Liquid's making a fanfiction?!

    And it's about Game of Thrones?!

    I have never needed something more in my life than I do now.

  • FYI I am determined to have near equal representation of women, so for almost all male characters I shall make a female one if necessary.

    I won't if it equalises naturally obviously, but so far it's 7 men and 2 women and both women were written by me.

    To those who disagree with this or think I'm crazy for it, you're entitled to your opinion but:

    Empowerment yo. Don't want a discussion, just letting you know that yeah, this is happening.

      • Is there something special for a character like a job/location you need or something like that?

        • You are completely free to submit any character you want. Since the main location of Book 1 will be in the Reach, with the Riverlands as a confirmed secondary location I will probably have problems to introduce some job/location combinations, like a farmer from the Vale of Arryn or a common fisherman in Slaver's Bay. But feel free to submit any character you like. If you are not sure about a character, leave your name at the end of the form and I will contact you if there is a problem

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