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So LucasArts license on Sam & Max has expired right?

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shouldnt we all be running around jumping for joy now that telltale can acquire the license.. bone will be a huge success..which will lead to us finally getting the sam and max game we've waited for for so long.. or has recent history made us all jaded abt the whole thing :-/
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  • Well, we don't know for sure Telltale can acquire the license, only that Purcell now has the rights back and is free to do what he wants with them. Here's hoping a deal can be made, because I think it's safe to say that, well, everyone in the world wants to see this happen. :D

    I suspect, considering Telltale's size and the fact that they're in deep development on their first major title, that pretty much all company resources will be totally devoted to Bone until its release. So even if there are Sam & Max negotiations in the works, any possible game might not be started for some time, so it will probably be quite awhile before we hear anything Sam & Max related. Games aren't generally announced until they've been worked on for at least a bit (Or the company, you know, even knows the game will happen...*cough* Bad Brain).

    Oh, and it's about damned time for another Sam & Max comic! Seriously.
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    yeah if purcell and telltale could work something out i'd imagine theyd start working on it end of 05 for a late 06 early 07 release.. but you're right we need a new sam and max comic on the meantime..

    as far as a sam and max 2 game if it ever happens..i'd love to see during the game the screen goes black..and max is like "oh shit we've been cancelled" ha you can fit a lot of in-jokes in im sure after what they been through
  • Not only should he make another comic, he should mae it possible to find some of his old comics! christ, i've been looking for a book or something for about 3-4 years now and still nothing.
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    Do a google search and check all the ads for comic books that appear on the side. I found some of mine at really good prices that way.
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    man I only got Sam and Max about 5 months ago but after finishing that, everytime I see the trailer for the new one, and think about the cancleation, I want to burn lucasarts to the ground [>:)] ...Stupidstarwarscrap!!!!!! X-( X-( And now I have the urge togetr the comics, so thanks for the suggestions on where to look
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    Not only should he make another comic, he should mae it possible to find some of his old comics! christ, i've been looking for a book or something for about 3-4 years now and still nothing.

    Well I have finally caved and bought it on ebay. I had to have it in time for a present for my boyfriend as it's our 7 year anniversary in under a month. If they re-print it then it will be annoying but at least I know the Sam N Max love is spreading again ;)

    To be honest LucasArts don't give a flying money - or indeed a flying max. They used to make the best games on the planet and had a wonderful reputation. Now they just make mediocre SW movie licenses and I'm proud to say I've never bought a single one... although when I've been over at friends playing I've had plenty to yawn at ;)

    Thanks guys - TELLTALE GAMES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR VERY BEST* - we can ask no more of you :)

    *Although we do have a whole legion of horse's heads ready to put in telltale programmers beds if it doesn't come off :D
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    Well, the guys at DoubleFine are without a project at the moment, and they could probably pick it up, 'cept for Tim's dislike of working on sequels...

    On the side note, is there any particular reason for LA to hold on to the game material (code, art, music ..) now that the license is gone and they couldn't publish it even if they wanted to ? Wouldn't it make sense to try and sell it so someone for whatever price as it's pretty much useless to them? Maybe I just don’t understand the peculiarity of Corporate Logic TM.
  • One reason LEC may not wish to part with the code is that it's all proprietry stuff (bits of RTX, bits of other game code) and there's a chance the Sam & Max engine may, in some shape or form, be used in forthcoming LucasArts game(s).

    So it would make sense for LucasArts to keep that code in-house 'just in case' there's a future use for it.

    Anyway, looking at Bone & having read a few interviews detailing how flexible their engine is, I'd imagine that should Telltale negotiate a license from Purcell, they'd much rather use their own engine to develop on rather than (hypothetically) continue with LucasArts' old one.
  • Though I've always assumed it was the case, I wonder if LucasArts owns the rights to the actual story and writing of Freelance Police. Like, Telltale couldn't try to remake the game as they had before with the same story and dialogue and models and stuff without being sued, right? Or does that work differently? I guess what I'm asking is, if Telltale wanted to, could they essentially remake the same game?
  • I think it would depend on who wrote the story. If Steve Purcell wrote it then it may have reverted back to being his property when LEC's license expired to now do with as he pleases.

    If a LucasArts employee wrote it (Stemmle?) then it is bound to be the Intellectual Property of LucasArts.

    If LucasArts does own the story though, they may be in a position to sell that as it's of no use to them, even if none of the actual game code is up for grabs.
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