Your servers and your customer service are horrible

I bought Wolf Among Us on the 22nd, assuming it was a Steam code because EVERY other online code I've bought from Amazon has been redeemed through Steam. It's inconvenient to create an account to download, activate, and play your game through your website, but fine, it's your right as a developer.

Except I emailed your customer service a week ago and STILL haven't heard from there. And I haven't been able to play your game for over a week because I can't connect to your damn servers. Why would I buy your newer games (Borderlands, GoT) if you're going to force customers to use your proprietary tech that doesn't work, and your customer service is unresponsive?

Amazon won't refund online game codes and I've wasted hours of my life troubleshooting and trying to get this game to work. You can give me a Steam code for this game, or I'll try to get a refund from my credit card company and you can lose a customer for the rest of your games. Your games are not worth putting up with the hoops you're making us jump through.


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff
    edited January 2015

    I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have already contacted our Support Staff at, and have not yet received a reply, you should be hearing back soon. Please note that they have received an overwhelming amount of emails due to the recent releases of Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands, and due to it being the holiday season, and are working hard to answer every email in the order they are received.

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