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Fav recent game?

posted by Heatherlee Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I know that everyone here is a tru-blue fan of the classic LucasArts adventure games. But out of my own curiosity, what are your favorite adventure games of the last few years?

I've dabbled with many but not gotten very far. Which are the ones worth playing?

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    Syberia 1&2 (not that recent)
    Amerzone(nice adventure)
  • It would have to be The Longest Journey and Syberia 1 (I was disappointed with Syberia 2).

    The Longest Journey is a great combination of interesting story, puzzles that (mostly) make sense, and excellent voice acting. It really was a long game too, which I know can turn some off, but for me is great. I am really looking forward to Dreamfall (Longest Journey 2).

    Most other recent "adventure" games that I have played are more of the Myst variety with the 1st person perspective - and in my book that is not a "real" adventure game. It needs to be 3rd person - point and click.
  • aside from the lucas games I don't play adventure games. none of them seem funny enough to play. I guess the closest one to adventure might be neverwinter nights. That was a fun game. Or vampire the masquerade bloodlines it had a couple puzzle elements to it......
  • i think it's ironic that people are saying adventure games are dead, as some of the best adventure games i have played came out the last couple of years.

    off the top of my head, i recently enjoyed playing

    syberia 1&2, the longest journey, runaway, tony tough, the moment of silence, broken sword 3.

    haven't gotten around to playing many independent/free games, but the apprentice games were cool, and also that noir game which title escapes my mind.
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    I've actually been going out of my way to purchase a lot of oldschool stuff recently. However I have played some fan made games mostly because of this thread (not sure if they count). My favorite would have to be Out of Order. The apprentice series was good although the sequel cut a few corners. 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a were both very suspenseful although the endings were very disapointing.
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    i havent played an adventure game since those lucasarts 1's .. a game ive enjoyed the most over the last few years was prince of persia: sands of time had a good story good graphics andsome good puzzles!
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    Apart from Syberia and The longuest journey I like the adventures from DTP (German - I dunno if they have been translated in other languages)
    one of the best is "The moment of silence" - wonderful graphics and cool story
    "Runaway" was nice as well.

    Im currently playing "Nibiru", very interesting plot. Puzzles a bit too easy though.
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    I haven't played anything else recently besides the Syberia games, which were decent.
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    I don't know how much they qualify as "adventure" games in the sense that you mean, but the two most recent would be "Diablo II", which I still play regularly, and "NeverWinter Nights".

    I guess that the "Splinter Cell" series doesn't qualify as an adventure series. :)
  • I guess that the "Splinter Cell" series doesn't qualify as an adventure series. :)
    If I had my way, it would. I love those games. They could probably be made into adventure games, too (and still keep all the shootin' and stealth and stuff).
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