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What form does LeChuck have this time?

posted by Sheepbrush on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
I was looking at the TMI trailer once again when I suddenly realized one thing - what form does LeChuck have? Unfortunately, he looks like a zombie (again :() but that would be sooo(oo) über boring that I imagine he isn't. So, what could he be else? A crazy housewife with a beard made of velvet? :D
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  • I read in a preview that LeChuck will change into a human during the start of the first episode (instead of being banished for enternity... which is great because else there would be no game :D).,1024
  • He doesn't look too healthy then ....interesting...
  • Sheepbrush;133321 said:
    WHAT?! Man... Dude... My whole world is upside down now! :eek: He does not look like one, except for my grandma-in-law... :confused:
    Maybe thats pre-transformation?
  • LOL... it could work, we have not seen him in that form yet.
  • It's true, from what we've seen, he's not changed yet. It happens within the first few minutes of the first episode. And it has to do with why Guybrush has a voodoo cursed hand.
  • He better hope Elaine doesn't ask him to drop dead again.
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