Purchasing error on Xbox one

I purchased the telltale games collection on Xbox one when it was discouted from £70 down to £35, however an error occurred and it said I'd don't own the tales from the borderlands season pass. Xbox live support tried to help me but where forced to give me a refund to repurchase the collection but the price has returned to £70 and xbox support told me to contact your support to get a discount code to repurchase the game attached is two screen shots from the xbox support chat Alt text ![Alt text]( Alt text"Optional title")


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    We are currently working with Microsoft to resolve an issue where the Season Pass does not download from the Xbox Marketplace. Please note the Season Pass is Episodes 2-5, and Episode 1 is sold separately. After purchasing Episode 1, you will be able to download and play it successfully. We hope to have the Season Pass issue resolved in the near future.

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