Physical Release?

Will we be getting a physical release of Minecraft: Story Mode? Telltale has been know for re-releaseing their games in physical form with all the episodes but this is a make or break thing for me. Gimme the disc version!


  • Probably after all the eps are out

  • I guess you're only getting a break thing then because it's only released in disc after all the episodes.

  • Since Telltale's games (as far as I know) have waited until all the episodes are out to release on disc, I'd expect that Minecraft will be the same.

  • Most likely, but after the whole seasonis complete

  • It probably will get a disc release after all of the episodes are out (it really wouldn't make sense otherwise, as they'd have to ship a disc and then have download codes for the rest of the episodes which defeats the purpose of a disc, or have five discs for each episode, which wouldn't sell very well).

    A disc release isn't certain though, as not all of Telltale's games got a disc release. It will most likely depend on how well it sells on digital platforms.

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