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your favourite LeChuck?

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what is your favourite LeChuck?

if you don't remember them all, let me sum them up for you.:

in The Secret of Monkey Island we had this big, mighty and proud ghost LeChuck. arrogant and full of himself, and with an appearance resemblant of Bluto. semi-goofy and fumbling, but without a doubt a strong and mighty man. a quite comedic rendition.

for LeChuck's Revenge we have a drastically different zombie-like LeChuck. he's green and spooky. flesh and blood, but not completely living. he doesn't look or act all mighty and look-at-me. instead he appears to be a bit weak and meek. but he's juts so evil! and he has pretty frightening plans for you (Guybrush). it's just an overall twisted and sinister LeChuck. really scary, and my obvious favourite of the bunch.

well... what can I say? he has a flame beard. he can... burn you. so back to a more comedic approach. he's also big and mighty again. a bit of a return to SoMI. not in ghost form though. he's kind of a demon here.

now this is just the same as CoMI, only better looking. not much more to say. he appears in multiple versions though, so that's good.
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  • I really liked the art direction of the zombie and demon incarnations and overall characterization of the CMI LeChuck. However, there's a lot to be said for the intimidating, shambling decomposed corpse that was the LeChuck of MI2. Beautifully animated, for a small outdated sprite. Its a shame that CMI zombie LeChuck seemed to have found full motor function again. I quite liked the EMI renditions for ghost and demon, though I really didn't get on with their zombie design.
  • I think the Zombie LeChuck is by far the best, i.e. the one on LeChuck's revenge.

    The graphics back then were simplistic at best, though, so it'll be cool to see what LucasArts do if they make an MI2 Special Edition; somewhere between MI4's zombie-LeChuck and the MI2 zombie-LeChuck would be super :-)

    So here's the portrayals of my favourite version, i.e. zombie-leChuck:

    e.g. Here's LeChuck in MI2:
    image image

    Here he is in CMI:
    (I think LeChuck probably suffered most of all the characters in translation from MI2 to MI3)

    and here he is in EMI:
    He's a bit too, uninspiring in EMI. Like, how could that thing possibly threaten Guybrush, a swift kick in the cahoonas and his head should fall off.

    I think the beard of MI2's LeChuck was just right, the rotting-corpseness of MI4 was right (though MI2 couldn't realistically add this in, however the box-art of LeChuck doesn't look best to me). I think LeChuck needed to be a rotting corpse, but also with a big red jacket and well-built, to still provide a feeling of awe. He loses that in his 'history' forms in MI4.

    Did that make any sense at all? :P
  • My favorite look is on the LeChuck's Revenge box art!

    Followed by his Tales look, followed then by the in-game Curse art. I don't really like his art in any of the other games in comparison.
  • Definitely curse. Perhaps it was just eh addition of Earl Boen as the voice, but he has a certain sometihng about him that is how I always think of him in general.
    LeChuck in general is just class though.
  • I actually didn't think the CMI Lechuck was that bad, he just had two problems that made him worse than the Revenge version.

    1. He has part of the Serious Sam logo on his face, that just looks silly. Whomever came up with the fire beard should be bonked on the head, because it's clearly the worst aspect.

    2. He moved a little too smoothly, he might be slightly more powerful but he's still a zombie, and Lechuck's Revenge conveyed that well in the way he moves, CMI didn't convey that aspect of him at all.

    So really, what I'd like to see is something with the style of CMI's Lechuck, but with a non-horrid beard plus the more awkward, slow movements that really give him that animated look of a zombie.
  • The first one. The entire ghost ship was superb.
  • Who the hell didn't get scared everytime LeChuck popped up with that voodoo doll in MI2? I think that seals the deal.
  • The LeChuck in SMI:SE is seriously cool. No version is scarier than in MI2, though. I'm personally fond of the MI3 version, especially when he first does that materialization thing as a demon in the crow's nest, but I hated the Zombie Form in MI4.
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