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Will the Telltale story be selling and t-shirts or other MI related items soon?

I've allways wanted a MI t-shirt, and now I see Lucasarts are selling them. However, their shipping costs outside the US are a complete rip-off, so would prefer to buy from Telltale.

On a similar note, do you have the rights to merchandise featuring old-style MI graphics? I suspect not, but its worth a go..
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  • Most U.S. Company's shipping costs will be rip-offs. You can blame tax and the distance between our fair islands for that ;)
  • Actually, I find Telltale's shipping costs to be quite reasonable. I do hope they'll stock some nice MI merchandise; the exorbitant shipping costs from LucasArts have so far stopped me from ordering any of their stuff. It's a shame, because I rather fancy those buttons... :(
  • If LucasArts allows them to sell their own TMI branded merchandise as part of their license agreement, you can bet they'll dip into that cash cow. Just look at all the merchandise for S&M and SBCG4AP.
  • I wonder if it will be desgined to appear as logos, icons or if they will have tees that have characters from the games playing comical roles aside from their original cannon . Such as christmas , or guybrush youngling, etc etc.
  • MI merch would be great though. The LucasArts stuff just looks cheap, but by the looks of other franchises at TTG, they'd make good quality/good looking stuff
  • Yes, just want to add that from what I remember shipping cost from Telltale are fine. I understand that there are costs to cover, but Lucasarts prices seem to be too high, especailly as they basically double the cost of the order (They go up the more you spend!)

    Anyway, obviously ranting about Lucasarts prices isn't much use here. But I have a Sam and Max crossbones t-shirt from Telltale and its excellent. So I would buy a Monkey Island one from them in a instant. Any word from Telltale on the chances of this?
  • mintfresh;135541 said:
    I have a Sam and Max crossbones t-shirt from Telltale
    I have one of these two that I picked up from their booth at Comic-Con and I'd wear it everyday if I could. Would be the same thing with a TMI shirt, although I'd feel compelled to buy as many as possible. :D
  • I would love to wear a shirt that has the MI2 box art on it...

    But I can tell you the merchandise I would really want to buy is novels
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