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I am planning on getting monkey island 3 and 4...I don't like the graphics in the first and second...

So, whats your opinions about MI3 and MI4, I never played these series ever.
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  • 3 and 4 are great but despite the dated visuals of one and two they are really fun and fantastic games... trust me spend a little time playing them and you will be so into it you will forget that you are looking at old graphics
  • you will be doing yourself a huge disservice if you skip the first two. True the graphics are a little dated, but trust me, its worth it
  • Four is not the best of the series story wise. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. The first two deliver a great story with humorous characters and situations, and the third delivers almost as well. The fourth kind of peters out and is mostly about gag after gag humor.

    If you want the best mix between everything play 3.
  • Alright....just wanted a 3D game to play...but this will do. Never really played 2d single player games before....ever....except some online games
  • You're in for a great ride my friend
  • I'll be honest I love monkey island one, I love monkey island 3, and I like monkey island 4 . The second game , I played after the first and although I finished the game, and really enjoyed parts of it I had mixed feelings about the game over all . The third game really made me want to go back to the first and play the 4th . I feel this is because it was more in the spirit of the first and connected to the series . The second game had its momments but I would take the first , 3 , ....4th over it . I really loved moments in the 2nd though, but it did not save it for me. Play the first one just for the characters, its an easy game they say that you can beat in a day. Play it just for a sense of what is going on, you don't really need the second game in my opinion, but play it if you must . The third game is like being in a good movie but only better , the 4th is similar in that but the controls are different. But if you don't have a thing for the controls, then I don't think their be any tension.
  • Mitchell;135277 said:
    Never really played 2d single player games before....ever....except some online games
    That's nothing to be ashamed of, we all were like that once - though it does make a bit of a difference if you were in a business suit or in diapers at that time... :D

    Also, ScummVM has a few postprocessing filters to make the first two games look better on todays displays.

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