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Private Pirate Monkey Brainstorming...

posted by ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 20.6K users
Hey guys 'n' gals,

In the spirit of "tapping the hive mind," I've got a few enigmatic questions for y'all:

-- What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf? Y'know, things like "The Joy of Hex," or "Screams of My Father."

-- For reasons that defy explanation, we're trying to enumerate dozens of unique kinds of winds, things like "The Wind the Blows Off Your Hat," or "The Wind that Sounds Remarkably Like an Unhappy Echidna." Can you think of any others?

-- Lastly, what's your pirate name?

Not promising anything,
Mike "Sleepy Boy" Stemmle
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  • I can't really think of anything on the first two, but I know what my pirate name is:

    My pirate name is "Captain Khabanja" !
  • Just brainstorming, as suggested: :)
    "Voodoo for Dummies"
    "My best friend is a voodoo doll"
    "Poisonous Potion Recipes"
    "Monkey Voodoo for Monkey Business"
    "A Death Man's Hand"
    "To the Point" (referring to the needles)

    My pirate name could be my nickname :p
    Capt. William Mouse, aka Wicked William or Wicked Mouse .. or so :p
  • "Voodoo and the art of clipper ship maintenance"
  • Great idea man :D

    Here are my suggestions:
    "Passing Wind"
    "Windy Situations"
    "The Wind That Blew People Away"
    "Like A Tea Leaf In The Wind"
    "Help, I Married A Tornado!"
    "The Pirate Who Mistook His Wife For A Hook"

    All by Jun "The Jaw" Chun
  • "Rat Soup for the Pirate Soul"
    "Dealing, and Dealing With Death"
    "Living With the Non-Living"
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    Junaid wrote: »
    Great idea man :D

    "The Pirate Who Mistook His Wife For A Hook"

    HA!! I love it! Love the original book too. I'm odd that way.
  • Bloodfire and Bats' Wings
    Big Book of Buluku
    Ebony and Ivory: Hexes and Counter-Hexes
    Hex Yourself Healthy
    Incantations by Candlelight (A tale of forbidden romance in the callous Caribbee)
    The Cursed Cutlass: Why Careless Cursing Costs Lives
    Voodology: The Fundamentals of Thought (actually you'd probably be sued by Scientology if you used that one)

    The Wind that Wasn't
    The Wind that feels like a Chicken Vindaloo
    The Wind that whistles
    The Wind that killed my grandmother
    The wind that stole my chiwawa
    The wind that blew my balloon away when I was ten
    The wind thats been sniggering at me ever since I took up marijuana
    The wind that blew Little Timmy to Tahiti

    I was characatured on the imagination of my in the future (I eat a lot but keep the weight off, somehow) called Gryff the Gargantuan.

    Timmy The Tyrannous was always one of my favoured though :)
  • As for the books:
    "Juju jitsu" (see
    "Pins 'n' Needles"
    "How to change a man back into a frog"
    "Doodoo: Songs about Voodoo and Hoodoo"
    "Learn to dance the Mambo with Jimbo Mumbo Jumbo"

    The winds, hmmm...
    "The Wind that Erodes Rocks Over the Course of a Million Years"
    "The Wind that Blows the Desert Sand All The Way Over Here"
    "The Wind that's Created by a Butterfly's Wing"
    "The Wind that's Not Actually A Wind but Just A Breeze"
    "The Wind that Blows Annoying Little Flies into Your Mouth"
    "The Wind that Blows Annoying Little Flies into Your Eyes"
    "The Wind that Sweeps You off Your Feet"

    And I guess my pirate name is... Haggis McMutton. :P
  • "Dead Serious"
    "Is there Life after Undead?"
    "A Gentle Breeze of Suffocation"
    "Blow your Mind"
    "Came with the Wind"
    "Wind in the Gallows"
    "Knock the Wind"
    "A lot of Wind; How to speak nonsense"
  • What sort of book titles do you think could be found on the Voodoo Lady's bookshelf?

    "Hex for kids. Learn the easy way to curse your friends and have fun"

    "100 Secret curses to keep the secret of Monkey Island, secret"

    "How to polish your pot and remove those pesky dragon blood stains"

    "Find the best ways to gather fake human bones that looks really authentic!"

    "My life looks like im in a game. Voodoo Lady biography"

    "100 Ways to help wannabe pirates"

    "Why do i need to have a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle liying around?"

    "Make your own Special FX to show when enter the room"

    Hope you like it and use any of this. If you will, just let me know!!! :D
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