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Supporting 4 again, showing some love

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Monkey island 2 disappointed me when I first played it. It starts off with a guybrush that looks NOTHING like the monkey island one guybrush . His hair is the wrong color, his body is the wrong size, his beard is wrong. He doesn't even look like the same person ! The voodo lady is off of Melee island and in some elaborate skull in a swamp WTF? Its like they wanted to reboot and rape the first game as hard as they could. The Guybrush/ Elaine relationship is sloppishly de-evolved , and the ending doesn't even make any damn sense ! The third game tries to revive the franchise, yes REVIVE . By making a guybrush with the same hair color as the first game, and repairing the Elaine / Guybrush relationship and although the character is sytlized the stylization looks like Guybrush even though drawn differently to bring out the character . The third game spends like an hour at the end trying to explain THE BLOODY MESS that the second game is ,then comes the 4th game , have to double post on ps3 .
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  • Monkey island 4 comes along, and finally Guybrush looks like Guyrbush again, The elaine , guybrush relationship is not some drawn out sloppy chaotic , retarded de-evolving drama with no ambition's more realistic and true as the first game was going for . The game had atleast an ending that made sense, the art was closer to monkey island than the 3rd game, even the 2nd.....yes, it's true ...and the story didn't almost murder the franchise even though it added some extreme twists atleast someone actually put some thought into it so that the game later won't need to spend an hour explaining why this stupid ending makes any sense at all.....Two is the most disconnected from the entire series and its influence was CHAOTIC ! Atleast the 4th game nods to the others FAR MORE and holds the franchise together, even though it does some very extreme things towards the end . Maybe if not revive it by fan base MI3 desperately tries to save any creditiblity the franchise still had left. Mi-4 was certain of itself
  • While I don't entirely think that any one of the games systematically did anything to hurt or wound the franchise (which thankfully isn't the case because MI games are still being produced), I think people are too readily eager to jump on the bandwagon of lambasting number 4. It was a very well made game, and the artistic style and gameplay were what the developers/designers thought was best with what technology was available. It was actually enjoyable. It was actually fun. I feel the need to go against the grain of what everyone else is saying in terms of #4 being disappointing. It doesn't really matter if the game community shares the subtle undertoned belief that #4 isn't canon (or the whining about thereof). What is done is done (and was done rather well)
  • I think you're overthinking it. If you are looking for evolved romantic drama, there are other games that actually try to do this. Leisure Suit Larry comes to mind. Have you tried reading any novels by Danielle Steel? That might be more up you alley.
  • Zinc;135211 said:
    I think you're overthinking it. If you are looking for evolved romantic drama, there are other games that actually try to do this. Leisure Suit Larry comes to mind. Have you tried reading any novels by Danielle Steel? That might be more up you alley.
    I just don't like sappy romances that have to take place in the past, back track because some writer doesn't understand his material well enough to create a new vision and back story to his he has to simply rehash what he's already give us from the last game...only by the time of the second game, its old news, boring, and frustrating ...... I mean come on, if I wanted to play a game that never evolves I wouldn't be playing the next game of a video game series ....I am so glad that Mi-3 keept the REAL guybrush and relationship he had with Elaine alive, and not something simply flipped around from the game from before.....See I liked the relationship and game 3, and atleast I could see some vision behind it .
  • stop making threads.
  • threepcross;135474 said:
    stop making threads.
    i got some advice for you too, stop bumping threads that you don't like. That would just be the beginning of my advice for you though.;)
  • doodo!;135195 said:
    his beard is wrong
    I don't understand how his beard can be wrong if he never had one before MI2.
    doodo!;135195 said:
    His hair is the wrong color
    Also thought I'd mention that Guybrush's hair is EXACTLY the same color between SoMI and MI2. If you don't believe me, find or take uncompressed screenshots from the game and check the RGB values of the hair color.
    doodo!;135195 said:
    his body is the wrong size
    And yet he turns into a stringbean in Curse of Monkey Island and you don't mention that at all in your post.. :rolleyes: Not to mention he's exactly the same number of pixels high between SoMI and MI2.
  • Ha ha haa You got me back good didn't you. Nicely done, sometimes you win , sometimes you loose . Well they made him a Jew and I didn't like it !
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