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Mcafee Firewall- Sam & Max Crash

posted by TerryR on - last edited - Viewed by 195 users
Hello All,

I posted a few weeks ago about some crashes I was getting when trying to load up any Sam & Max Season 2 episode. Well, at the time I was using Vista, and this was the final nail in the coffin for Vista- I purchased a new XP system, installed a Sam & Max Season 2 episode, and to my infinite horror, discovered that again the game would crash 5 out of 6 times.

After trying a clean boot of XP Home Edition, Sam & Max ran fine. Also, I noticed that the banner on the launch screen would display advertisements (i.e., the Monkey Island ad), which it would not do before. So, after some experimenting, I discovered that my Mcafee Firewall was preventing the ads from coming up on the launcher, and oddly enough, was also preventing the game from getting to the main menu without crashing.

Anyone else experiencing this issue, and if so, what can I do to keep my Firewall in place without it interfering with Telltale/Sam & Max?

Thank You.
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  • Can you describe exactly when the crash was taking place? Was it after you clicked the Launch Game button but before the game itself loaded?
  • Exactly Correct Emily,

    The game was crashing after I clicked "Launch Game" but before the Main Menu appeared.

    Granting the Sam & Max game full access past my McAfee Firewall has done the trick. The game has not crashed since.

    I hope this helps anyone who experiences the same issue.
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