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How should TWD end?

posted by Carverwasagoodman on - Viewed by 5.3K users

I know this is thinking far, FAR into the future, but it's an issue I'd like to address now if you don't mind: how exactly will The Walking Dead, the show as well as the game, end? And I'm not talking about the main character dying and then that's it- I mean will a cure ever be found or will humanity die out? As I said, I'm thinking far into the future and the longer this franchise can go the better (especially if we get to play as Clementine is S3 and beyond, though at some point there will probably a change of main character), but when it does inevitably come to the end how will it all finish?

Personally, I'd like to see this game and (if possible) the series end with human kind being defeated, perhaps adding in a philosophical note to finish things off. In the old world they couldn't find a cure, so trying to find an antidote to the disease in apocalyptic conditions is even less feasible. I know it sounds pretty dark and hopeless, but I suppose that's how I view the entire concept of TWD- it's a hopeless world were everything is a struggle on the inevitable path to destruction. Some people might have a more optimistic view and may call me a pessimist, but I'm just trying to view the situation
from as neutral a perspective as possible.

I know this is a question that is looking WAY into the future, and of course no one knows whether there'll be a S4, S5, S6, etc. (though there better be!), but ending a series/game can make or break it's reputation (eg; the ending to Breaking Bad (if you haven't seen it a highly recommend you do) was excellent whilst, though I haven't seen the series itself, a lot of people criticise the ending of Dexter). How do you think/how would you like the Walking Dead game to end?

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