Who's your favorite protaganist to play as so far?

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The title is pretty self explanatory. But anyways, my favorite was Rodrik. Asher wasn't what I thought him to be. Ethan's dead. And Mira...she's just there, you know?

Edit: Forgot Gared. I can tell he'll be a badass soldier of The Night's Watch.



  • Rodrick by far. Also, during the episode I felt attached to his relationship with Talia.

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    Rodrik, definitely. I love his voice actor too.

    "Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor."

    "No, just two limbs and half of my face..."

    1. Rodrik
    2. Gared
    3. Mira
    4. Asher
    5. Ethan (I liked him in episode 1, but since he's dead and we will no longer play as him, I'm putting him at the bottom)
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    I liked all of them pretty equally, but if I had to pick it would have to be Rodrick because of the amount of times I almost had a heart attack from the panic my decisions with him induced in me.

  • Mira's situation seems a little more complex than the others, so I'll go with her.

  • Gared was my favourite one for the first episode, Rodrik was my favourite for the second episode.

  • a tie between Rodrik and Asher.

  • I really like Gared, because I find the Wall very interesting, even though the people there suck, but Rodrik swept the floor this episode for me. Asher didn't have as many scenes as I thought he would, so we'll have to see how he turns out, but he seems interesting and vital to the story so far. Mira was pretty interesting as well, I really liked the final scene with her.

  • I thought it would be Asher, but I definitely have to go with Rodrick. I think it might just be the setting, I love Ironrath.

    1. Garred
    2. Rodrick
    3. Asher
    4. Miria

    I think Asher might go past Rodrick, he just wasnt in it that much this episode

    1. Rodrik - His choices are tough and there is a strong emotional undercurrent in everything he does.
    2. Mira - Tense, tense, tense. Plus, you could see her character growing with each scene
    3. Gared - The Wall has never been my favorite place in the books, show and now the games..
    4. Asher - Just not enough time with him yet. Could easily go up. But could easily stay down as he might have the dubious Game of Thrones plot of "walking"

    So are we getting a new "fifth" character or is this it?

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    Mira's my favorite; I love the scenes with her in King's Landing. I also loved the strategic thinking involved while playing her. Rodrick is my second favorite and pretty close to Mira.The scenes between Rodrick and Talia were amazing it was so adorable.

  • Rodrik, for sure. I think Asher is the generic rogue-but-still-good-at-heart character, at least at the moment. I also thought Rodrik's VA did a fantastic job.

  • Rodrik's VA was amazing. His voice even got soft at the appropriate times. It was glorious listening to him speak.

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    Rodrik, for sure. I think Asher is the generic rogue-but-still-good-at-heart character, at least at the moment. I also thought Rodrik's VA did a fantastic job.

  • Mira, all my choices I make there keep me on edge, and it actually worries me.

    1. Gared
    2. Rodrik
    3. Mira
    4. Asher
  • I want to say Asher, but we haven't really spend much time with him yet or made any meaningfulll decisions so far. So i'm going with Gared as my favorite for now, he's kicking ass so far.

  • yep so glad that he came back I remember many people dismissing that theory

    Rodrik, definitely. I love his voice actor too. "Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor." "No, just two limbs and half of my face..."

  • Rodrik and Gared

    Gared more for the setting that for the game itself. Also Telltale Jon Snow is ugly as hell, goddamit. Looked like some..weird...big lipped...deformity or something.

    Yunkai is awesome, too bad we didn't interact much with Asher. Beshka is the broest bro

  • Gared. I find him the most fun to play.

    I also love pigs :3.

  • Mira and Rodrik (since Ethan died, he's out of the list).

    With Mira, every action seems relevant, you have almost no allies and it's hard knowing if you can even trust someone (all that in the political center of the world, where pissing off someone can incline them to make your family even more miserable than before).

    With Rodrik, the choices are equally relevant, and the danger is more imediate, so you have to choose between trying to be badass (to no avail) or appeasing your enemies (to be humiliated and gain nothing), while plotting your revenge (srsly, Lord Whitehill suck, screw that guy).

    Ethan and Gared are also interesting, but their actions, at least until this episode, have been less directly useful.

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    Only reason i was dismissing it was because I couldn't see how you could survive that, but I'm fine with it after seeing how f**ked up he is :D

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    yep so glad that he came back I remember many people dismissing that theory

    1. Gared definitely. I don't think that's going to change. And I'm looking forward to see what kinda man he'll become.
    2. Mira. Her parts are so intense and I feel like her choices matter the most. And she's becoming kinda badass.
    3. I'd say Ethan, but since he's dead I'm gonna say Rodrick.
    4. Asher. I like that he has more action, but right now I don't really care about his story, but that could change.
  • Gared. I hope he doesn't die... But Game Of Thrones... "When you play the Game Of Thrones, you WIN or you DIE."

  • Rodrick by far, all of his scenes were my favorites of the episode. And his voice actor is fantastic.

  • For the first episode, Ethan, if only as a great window into how the structure of nobility works ( and how it doesn't), and how his position humanized what's normally seen from a bottom-up view of decadence and corruption.

    For this second episode, however, definitely Mira. The constant prodding of my executive functions and working memory has now made this game form a death-grip on my interest in the story. And at 6 episodes, its going to take many playthroughs to see all there is to see, and I'm competely fine with that.

  • I really liked playing as Asher this episode

  • Asher no question. He had the best scenes and the best dialogue.

  • Before it was: 1. Ethan, 2. Gared, 3. Mira

    Now it's more like:
    1. Gared and Rodrick
    2. Mira and Asher

    (I can't exactly number them so this is how I'm doing it)

  • I like all of the characters. I still miss Ethan. :(

    1. Rodrik: No disrespect to Asher, but the badass position goes to Rodrik. He is the lord of Ironrath and you can geiniuely feel his attachment to his family. I can't wait to play him again.
    2. Mira: Her story is tense and intriguing. I feel so tense and paranoid as I played her.
    3. Gared: I always liked the Night's Watch storyline.
    4. Asher: I thought he was badass, I hope his story will be just as interesting as the others.
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    Mira. When you're playing as her, you really feel like you're playing the "Game of Thrones". With the high stakes and subtle games of King's Landing, it feels like every choice you make as her has so much weight behind it (both in terms of immediate danger to her and danger to her House). Other characters feel like they have a little more room for error in their day-to-day antics.

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    1. Garred (because of screentime with Jon :D and i love the nights watch)
    2. Mira/Rodrick
    3. Asher (besides one action scene nothing happened in essos, lol)
  • It keeps changing, Episode one it was Gared, Episode 2 is Rodrick.

    1. Mira
    2. Rodrick
    3. Asher
    4. Gared

    I personally, just don't find Gared too interesting. It might have something to do with him being sent to the wall, where his actions don't have any direct impact with the core of the story . . .yet.

  • Gared. I look kinda like him, so I suppose vanity's a factor, and his accent is charming. His dialogue is so "un-royal", a lot more informal/personable ("don't be an arse"; "you fucked potatoes"?) Plus, with his decisions, it doesn't feel like I'm doing what the game thinks I should. I feel like I really would choose those decisions if it were real. I didn't need to be prompted by the game to know what I want him to do. Also, he stands out in the sense that he's not a blood family member of House Forrester. It's neat getting an outside perspective, so to speak. His story just piques my interest the most. I guess I like the "fish out of water" thing with him at the Wall.

  • Gared but Mira is close to being my favorite.

  • Gared. Being a bitch to everyone at the wall haha

  • Mira of course... followed by Gared (really enjoyed the practice/Finn fight at Castle Black), Rodrick, Asher, and then Ethan, I guess.

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