Who's your favorite protaganist to play as so far?



  • I really like playing Mira, the choices I have to make with her always leave me a little more anxious for future episodes , like stealing the seal, throwing or keeping the knife...plus we get dialogues with Tyrion!

    With the second episodes I also liked playing Asher and Rodrik.

  • I would say over all I like Rodrik the most. I enjoyed playing Ethan in the first episode but I would say since he's gone Gared is my second favorite.

  • I really liked playing Ethan because he interacts with so many characters. His speech to his little brother was very touching and sad.


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    1. Rodrik
    2. Mira
    3. Asher
    4. Garred
  • Here's hoping!

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    Maybe some dramatic stuff happens with him and they don't want to give anything away Ironrath is where the really interesting stuff is happening I have no doubt that we'll see plenty of Rodrik.

  • Gonna have to pick Rodrik, with Asher and Mira a close joint second. I think it could've been more interesting if Gryff Whitehill was the Ironrath character, but I'm liking Rodrik's storyline so far.

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