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Insult Sword Fighting! (Create your own insults!)

posted by Marduk on - last edited - Viewed by 34.8K users
I was inspired by another thread (I'm not stealing an idea, somebody said that somebody else should be an insult sword fighter. I thought it would be cool to start a thread for insults).

Here's a few rules (I thought I'd list them formally as I've never invented my own forum game.... I say "invent" but I am aware that this is basically a variation of previous forum games).

  1. After you reply to an insult you have to make another for the next person to reply to.
  2. You can't reply to your own insults.
  3. Insults do not have to be in-line with monkey island but you will get extra points for it.
  4. Insults do not need to rhyme but you'll get extra points for it.
  5. Pirate 'lingo' is more than acceptable.
  6. There is no point scoring system. Any and all points are purely honourific (like "brownie points") and may be awarded by anybody to anybody for any reason.
  7. Please copy or quote the insult you're replying to to avoid confusing other members.
  8. Don't steal insults from other members of the forums. Using famous quotes is ok.
  10. Nothing too lewd or suggestive or otherwise in conflict with the TTG forum terms and conditions. (Things that are only suggestive when given plenty of thought or if you happen to think of them in a certain light or that would go 'over the heads' of most people are acceptable but please try to use good judgement and edit your insult if another player thinks you're too rude).
  11. No comments too personal to any on the Forums. If certain members of the forum have revealed anything personal to you or have demonstrated some kind of behaviour that might be embarrassing then please keep it to yourself. This is supposed to be a little fun; we're not aiming to really hurt people's feelings, here.

Hope that's not too many rules :)
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