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Voice Recording Snapshots

posted by JaredEJ Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 4.6K users
Hi everybody—Jared from Bay Area Sound here.

We've uploaded a very small collection of photo snapshots from the TOMI 102 voice recording sessions which you may all access here:

Audiophiles may want to "fan" that page while they're there, since that's where we post behind-the-scenes content for several of our current projects.

...and for those of you without Facebook, here are some of the pictures:



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  • There are more photos on the page linked at the top of the thread, which quickly prompts you to sign into Facebook.

    I know there are more pictures there, but I can look at them without creating an account or logging in. I can see the entire Wallace & Gromit-albums as well.

    Maybe some weird thing based on territory, where being in Europe doesn't require you to log in?
  • B A S! B A S! B A S!

    I once wrote an email a half year go to BAS when I thought Clint was still working at your place. Stupid wikipedia...

    Some of the photos are pretty dark. Could you give a short description to each pic? Who's to see and what he's doing? That would be great. And I "fanned" you some moments ago.^^
  • It seems so dark in the room all the time :P
  • Do light bulbs make too much noise? Maybe you should use candles...
  • Light disturbs the sound waves.
  • Wow! Thank youuuu! :D
    Me no like facebook, but me likes the pictures! Yay! :p

    I allready joined Twitter because of you guys. Just post the stuff here :p
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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Here's the fourth image, which the facebookless haven't been able to see yet. Big spoilers!!! (not really :) )
  • Who is that guy handling the mike(mic?)? I think he was in those videos you guys made to promote the first season of S&M, but I don't think he was ever identified. Is he
    Damian Kastbauer? Do you only hire red-heads with long names? Ha! I kid BAS, but you guys know I love you. (Btw, can I tell you how much I loved the sound of the Home for Child Stars in ep 1 of S&M? Even now when I hear it I want buttered popcorn and to watch an episode of MST3K.)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    That's Jory Prum of studio.jory, the place we do much of our voice recording.
  • Jake wrote: »
    Here's the fourth image, which the facebookless haven't been able to see yet. Big spoilers!!! (not really :) )

    I'm sure there's something wrong with me, but I see the 4 pictures all right without having a facebook account :confused:

    Awesome thread btw!
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