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posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
If Telltale bought from LEC the rights to make a sequel, which one would you like most?
Maniac Mansion 3? Monkey Island 5? THE REAL Monkey Island 3? Indiana Jones and whoknowswhat (but a GRAPHIC ADVENTURE)?
This thread isn't obviously dedicated to any Telltale member, I'm not asking anything 'cause I know I won't get an answer :D
All of the other ones start daydreaming!!!
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  • You must really hate yourself to start a thread like this.

    My choice would be Maniac Mansion 3/Day of the Tentacle 2. It's easily the most open-ended series, and Dave Grossman is Telltale's Senior Designer to boot.
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    Something involving Maniac Mansion. I would like something involving the characters from Day of the Tentacle.
  • You must really hate yourself to start a thread like this.

    My choice would be Maniac Mansion 3/Day of the Tentacle 2. It's easily the most open-ended series, and Dave Grossman is Telltale's Senior Designer to boot.
    Well, the imminent release of S&M has woke up my masochist side :p
    I'd choose MM3/DOTT2 too, also if the one I wish most is Monkey Island 3 made by Ron Gilbert... I don't even consider EMI and CMI as official sequels, even if they're made by LEC.
    Anyway, DOTT is probably the one that's already got a small trace to be continued: Purple was sent to Syberia and swore for revenge.
    The other games (MI4 aside) don't seem to have a potential sequel, or at least not as clear as a Maniac Mansion 3.
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    you don't consider CMI a sequal? i like cmi the best out of all MI games... i don't consider EMI a sequal as it's a poor attempt at making a 3D cartoon game... whitch is preety hard... or atleast it was hard when EMI came out...

  • I'm not saying CMI wasn't good (my favourite is MI2, anyway), just saying it's clear that it's not a proper sequel for 2 brilliant games made by Ron Gilbert. Take CMI alone, it was wonderful. Take it as a sequel of LeChuck's Revenge and see lots of stuff never explained, just ignored to go on with the story. Monkey Island 1 and 2 were dedicated to a certain public, CMI was more commercial, more cartoonish,
    more... childlike, I'd say.
    Ron Gilbert knows how MI3 should be, he always told MI was planned to be a trilogy (so YES, EMI shouldn't even exist). He also told there were some big mistakes in CMI.
    However, it would take another thread to speak about this, so never mind :)
    I just hope to see the real Monkey3 once.
  • Ahh, the official glimmer of hope from July 2006;

    GI: A lot of those LucasArts franchises are still very popular – you spoke about Day of the Tentacle. Is there a chance you’ll be able to wrangle a few more of those away for more episodes? Are you working on that at all?

    Connors: It’s definitely on our minds and it’s definitely something we think about. Maybe I can give you more information a while from now. It’s definitely something that makes good sense to everybody. For them it’s the same thing. For them it’s "What’s the business model? What’s the retail model?" It’s not their type of game – it’s not Star Wars, it’s not with the movie, with the lightsaber – an action game. When trying to do the two things at the same time it makes it challenging. They’ve been trying to figure out the right solution, and hopefully Telltale is part of it.
    As the guys from mixnmojo said, it would be definitely weird to see something like DOTT2/a, DOTT2/b, DOTT2/z being released, but who cares, after all? Doc and Bernard have been dead for too long!
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    Good thread! though you forgot some other good games, like Grim Fandango, for example.

    Anyway, if i'd had to choose i'd definetly go for the secuel to Day of the Tentacle. That one and Sam and Max remain as my favourite graphic adventure games ever.
  • Well, I didn't mention GF because I think it's REALLY over. As Bill Tiller said, it would be like doing a sequel for Orson Welles' Citizen Kane :))
    Speaking of other games, it would be possible (Full Throttle, The Dig(?!?!?), even Zak McKracken) but I'm sure DOTT is the best one to focus on in the case of a deal!
    And it looks like lots of people here think the same...
    Hope you're reading this, Telltale boys! :D
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    DOTT is perfect the way it is. It's a game that wouldn't really do well with a sequel.
    Full Throttle on the other hand would be awesome
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