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Buying Bone...

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Just a question...

If I buy Out from Boneville and get my code, will I be able to use it in the future or it's just for one use?

I mean, if I uninstall Bone from my PC and then I want to play it again, do I have to pay again?

Thanks a lot.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    Once you've bought the game, it's yours. You can uninstall and reinstall without needing to purchase it again.
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    ...but will you only be able to legitamately install it on another PC?

    My perdicament: I own a laptop and a desktop. When I'm out of town, I like to take some of these types of games with me. If I install it on my desktop, will I be able to deactivate the game and reactivate on my laptop, ala Texas Hold'em?
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    You don't have to deactivate it in order to use it on both your desktop and laptop. You can just activate it on both!

    If you run into any problems with this, contact support.
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