[W&G] Bugfix version of "Muzzled!" available!

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Hello Telltale Team,

thanks for fixing some problems for "Muzzled!" with a new revision! :)

I just wonder why...
  • this is not officially announced anywhere (like a blog entry, a sticky thread in the support forum, an email to all customers who have purchased the game, etc.),
  • the revision number of the latest available version is not shown under "Your Games", so customers could periodically check if there is a new release available.
  • you have not increased the revision number for the new build (it still shows, like for the original released build!?)
  • there is no information about what exactly has been fixed with the new release (like a revision history),
  • there is no patch file available, so if you have downloaded the game before, you need to download almost 500MB of data once again (not everybody has a "flat rate" for internet access yet; some people still pay by online time or transfer volume!),
(Maybe there are already updated versions for "Fright of the Bumblebees" and "The last Resort" available, too!?)

Hello to all W&G customers,

as there is no official announcement (yet), please check the version number of the install file
(for XP: right click on the install file -> properties -> version tab):

Initial release: 2009.06.15.1723 (488.083.832 Bytes)
New release: 2009.6.16.1729 (488.213.384 Bytes)

The new release is supposed to fix at least the following bugs:
  • game stuck in a close-up view (like the ice cream van) where you cannot escape the scene by pressing the right mouse button
  • "help poster" stuck on screen during the cut scene between the 2nd and 3rd act of the game


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    I can't answer everything but:
    We didn't change the version number because it would require completely rebuilding the entire game, which could have created new problems and would have made patching this unfeasibly difficult given the current workload.
    The patch only fixed 3 things, all 3 of which were based on support threads, so I just commented on those threads.
    Creating a separate patch file would create all sorts of new support problems. The easiest solution for the populace at large (and us) was to just update the full version.
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    Hi Will,

    As a software engineer myself, I was shocked reading this kind of formal reaction from Telltale team.

    Nightsurfer is completly right - any update to the version should be announced and published in case someone downloaded the previous version and plans to play in later on (because he/she is still not familiar with the problems he/she may have later on). You should not be ashamed you have bugs, it is an acceptable thing and if you have fixed them it is even more appreciated. Why don't you have a main "Support" link in your web page?

    In addition, and the thing that irritated me the most, is the comment about the patch. Of course releasing a patch may cause more problems - this is a given. However, you have a commitment towards you clients - we are paying good money for the products! If someone purchased a software product with bugs, he/she are deserved to have a fix instead of a replacement. I do not know about any software product or game which has a new release instead of a patch.

    I just wants to say that until the last two Wallace & Gromit games, I had a great pleasure playing Telltale games, and encountered no bugs. I think that you are one of the top adventure games companies today, if not the best, but the lack of proper customer support (bug fixes, patches etc.) ruins your great reputation.

    AG Rocks
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