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Strong Bad DVD order page

posted by mcwizardry on - last edited - Viewed by 276 users
I noticed that the order page for the Strong Bad DVD :
does not recognize my purchase of the full season of Strong Bad or the order number. Did anyone else encounter this problem?
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  • I might have. I own all of the Strong Bad episodes, and noticed when I looked at the store page that I could order the DVD for shipping cost only. I checked back later that day, the cost had gone from the full season discount of $0 plus shipping to the partial season discount of $26 plus shipping, despite owning all of said episodes. Is that what you mean?

    To be fair, I did add it to the cart but didn't complete the purchase right away, so maybe the Store registered that I'd already ordered it and removed the discount. I'm not sure. Is there any way this can be fixed?
  • In my case I can't add it to the cart at all. It's like I never purchased the full season and, as I mentioned, entering the order number doesn't change that either. Thanks for your reply.
  • I have cleared the flags on both of your orders, so you should both be able to see the $0 DVD now.

    This sounds like a bug we need to look at, so any additional info you can provide about the steps you took while you were attempting to order the DVD would be helpful!
  • Thanks for your help, it's working now. I think I put the DVD in my cart when it was first announced but never completed the order. A couple of weeks later I changed my e-mail address on the Telltale account and after that I encountered the bug.
  • I've got this too. I purchased the entire season and now it wants me to pay 26 dollars (which I have no intention of doing).
  • Fixed, please try it again.

    Anyone else experiencing this, please write to [email][/email] instead of posting about it here, because there's a chance we'll miss it here. Also if you email support that allows us to track it and get a sense of how many people are experiencing the problem. Thanks.
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