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Bug, or missing something? Ep1 XBLA

posted by Andy Anonymous on - last edited - Viewed by 572 users
I'm at the point where I'm trying to get rid of the bees in the cellar. I dropped the record and the Wensleydale cheese into the hole above the hive without calling the Sniffer to me first, and then I called the Sniffer up directly to the top of the hive. The Gorgonzola cheese has vanished from the front of the police station, and I can't seem to locate another piece.

Have I encountered a game-ending bug, or am I missing a way out of this mess?
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  • I wound up starting everything over again.

    Now I'm stuck once again. This time I called the Sniffer over to the stairs first, then tossed down the Wensleydale and the record and circled back around to ride the Sniffer up to the top. But the game isn't giving me enough time to remove the dance record, pick up the lullaby record and place it on the turntable: I get kicked out before I can do anything. I've tried every combination I can think of, and that bee always comes out of the door to end my attempts. Was it a mistake to throw the record down through the door rather than keeping it in my inventory? Or is there some combination of acts that I actually have time to pull off that will get that lullaby playing?
  • Yes, that's what I did to begin with; the record is not in my inventory, but lying on the top of the hive. That's what is causing me trouble: I don't have time to remove the dance record, pick up the lullaby record from the floor, and place it on the turntable before the bees come for me. I tried it fifty times and could never pull it off fast enough.

    I ended up starting the game over -- AGAIN -- and running back to that point, only this time I kept the record in my inventory rather than tossing it down from above. This time, I was able to get the lullaby record placed on the turntable in time.

    So it seems tossing it down actually gets you irreversibly stuck, since there is no way to pick it back up (even if you do so before the bees get you, it will go back to lying on top of the hive after the kicked-out animation finishes). Unless I missed something, I think they need to fix the game either so that it will allow you time to pick up the record (keeping in mind that shuffling these items around likely takes longer on the Xbox 360 controller than it does with a mouse), or so that it won't allow you to throw the record down at all.

    This whole thing is especially silly if you're trying to go for the No Go Gorgonzola achievement, because once you get kicked out of the hive you essentially can't get back up, ever, unless you go pick up the Gorgonzola. But the problem with that is, in my save file, the Gorgonzola had vanished from the front of the police station even when I got fed up and decided to forfeit the achievement. So there was literally nothing I could do but to quit out to the Dashboard and reload my save file (provided, of course, that the game had not auto-saved me since tossing the record down, in which case there's literally nothing to do but start over -- again, provided I haven't missed anything).
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