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So this is where it all begins. On my old ps3 I bought The Walking Dead Game on the disc. I was able to play all 5 episodes plus the 400 Days DLC. With Glitches and all I managed to pull through to the bitter end and play the whole thing out. A couple of months ago my old PS3 system crashed, so I had to buy a new one. I bought one from a friend of mine and it was in good condition. No problems what so ever. So I had to transfer my data from my old PS3 to the new one. It worked! Now, about a week ago I bought The Walking Dead Game Season 2 again on the disc. Just when I was about to play I checked to see if I still had the original game date from the first season, just to be sure. Aparently I didn't, I guess I must have accidently deleted to make enough room for memory on my old PS3 when it was still working. So I said "Sure, why not, I'll play it again since it was one hell of a game". When to the PS Store, installed my 400 Days DLC Blu Ray content again since I had the disc and afterwards I started it up. Started episode 1 up, again with glitches and what not, but managed to complete it. Same story for episode 2. Started it up, played through with the glitches, and completed that episode. I was able to see the stats after both episodes and I let the credits role for both also. Now I was also connected to the PSN, totally no problems what so ever there. But when I wanted to start episode 3... That's when I had real problems. It kept freeze framing on the loading screen. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't even go back to the XMB screen by pressing my PS button, and I couldn't even turn my PS3 off with my PS button so I had to turn it off on my console itself.

So my question now is I guess... What do I do now??? I meen I tried like 5 times already and I keep getting the same result. Any ansewers to my problem because I would definently like te continue to play it???

Much obliged for your help!


  • By the way... I also tried playing the last chapter of episode 2 again. I was able to play it again and finished it. Then tried episode 3 again and yeah... Still wont work! :S

  • I just read a post from someone who expierenced the same issue as me. He was asked by tell tale, he didn't reply yet, if he used more than one save file. Me, I only have 1 save file. Always saved on one file! He than got the advice to upload his save files to the PSN online storage and delete his save file and start over... OR, delete his save game data from the game data utility menu on his XMB screen. Now if these are the only to options that I have, I need to know which one's the best. If I start over and delete everything (my save file, my game data utility) and uninstall and than reinstall 400 Days, will this actually solve the problem?????? Will I be able to play episode 3 and further on this time OR do I experience the same thing I do now and still be in this viciouse cycle???????

    And if i would only delete my game data utilitiy and start season 2 over, will my choices from episode 1 still be saved?

    Any help is welcome! ;)

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike Former Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the delayed response. The advice you are speaking of above is a workaround for an issue in The Walking Dead: Season Two, not Season One. If you are experiencing any freezing/crashing in Season One, can you please clarify if you have started the game while connected to the internet, and logged into a Playstation account so that you have updated the game to the latest version?

    If you already have updated the game to the latest version, and are experiencing this issue, you mentioned transferring Game Data over from your old PS3, but you were not able to use it. Can you please clarify if you still have that old Game Data from your previous playthrough on your newer PS3? If so, does deleting the old data, then starting the game up again, allow you to continue from where you left off?

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