Didn't play season 1 should I play season 2?

First of all, I'm really, really sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong section but thats all I found.

so i didnt play season but my brother bought TWD season 2 on my ps4 and its hard leaving it there without playing it. So can I play the season 2 if i didn't play season 1? and no im not gonna buy season 1 (long story!)



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    You posted this in the right place :)

    You could play Season 2 without playing Season 1 but you won't get a lot of references and other stuff so I guess you don't "have" to but I would highly recommend it.

  • I'd honestly recommend waiting until you've played season 1 as it will spoil most of that.

  • Well I'm sorry to hear that you won't play Season 1, you're denying yourself one of the best experiences in gaming by not playing it. Yes, you can play Season 2 without playing Season 1, but the game will make random choices for you for Season 1 and you would be missing several key details.

  • Well I actually bought TWD S1 on the iPad but I had the infamous crashes where I couldn't play and I tried to get a refund but neither Apple or Telltale responded to me. So I guess I'm "taking a stand" against S1. Does that makes sense?

    Also, thanks everybody for your answers.

  • If you have Steam i'll give you one of my extra copies of season 1

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    as long as you promise you'll actually finish it

  • No, definitely not. I highly recommend taking the offer above. And even if you don't, you should never play the sequel of something without having played what came first, lol. :p

  • You can play Season 2 without Season 1, but Please play Season 1 first, it is really an incredible experience, I cant even describe it

  • Thanks but I'm a console gamer (I know, console peasant lol). Really appreciate the gesture, though.

  • 100% no dont even go near season 2 without finishing season 1

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    You can play Season 2 without playing Season 1. But I defiantly recommend playing Season 1 first, it's an experience.

  • Do as you wish. I'd play S1 and suggest skipping out on S2. You'll be let down by disappointment but I'm not an advocate against it

  • No. Don't. Season 2 is garbage. Play Season 1 and leave it at that.

  • That's a bad move. Taking a stand against something that was so universally praised, and so much better than its successor. Season 2 isn't worth the money, man. If you don't want S1, then just drop out before you're invested.

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    At the very least, watch a playthrough of Season 1 if you're not gonna buy it. Then get Season 2, in spite of any of the claims that people here might make of it being bad, and decide for yourself.

  • That is simply a matter of opinion but yet you state it as fact. How about you let him make his own decision and opinion on the game before you go telling him something he knows nothing about.

  • I dont think it would matter that much, the first season is much better then the second one so bear that in mind because you'll probably finish it and wonder what the fuss was about.

    I think if you played s 2 first then s1 could be treated as a prequel if you eventually decide to get it, it could possibly be even more powerful as a prequel.

  • If it's possible - take TWD season 2, go back to the store and beg. Maybe they'll switch it to season 1.

  • I wouldn't play Season 2. I would play Season 1, and skip season two.

  • How about you let him make his own decision and opinion

    Allow someone to actually form their own opinion on a game?!??! How could you speak such nonsense?

  • I didn't play Season 1 but I watched let's play's of it. I got Season 2 and played it and I was fine, so at least watch Season 1 if you're going to play Season 2.

  • Make note @karom, all this bashing on S2 you see are just opinions a very vocal minority. Play the game if interested from S1 to 2.

  • Play Season 1 and cherish it with all your heart. Then! Get into Season 2, and at about the halfway point crack open some beers, increasing your alcohol content with every passing episode, until by the finale you are so intoxicated you can't even think straight.

    Follow these steps, and you will get through this.

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    Have you watched any Let's play videos of Season 1? I'd be interested in hearing an opinion on Season 2 (more specifically Clementine's role as protagonist) from someone who doesn't have a pre-existing relationship with Clem or the series. An unbiased opinion if you will.

  • I'd recommend playing it since you won't understand a lot plus Season 1 is one of the best games ever IMO. If money is an issue you can still play S2 your choices will just be randomly generated. I'd still recommend just watching a Let's Play I guess.

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    There's literally nothing I can do to stop him from making his own decision. I was giving my opinion, which I feel strongly about. How abut you let me express myself?

  • Season 1 is hands down the best story game I have ever played. I'll leave it at that.

  • you should you should you should it is all about story it is the best game for me

  • It's fine that you don't like season 2, but you just told him to not play the game at all because you don't like it. You tell him to play season 1 and "leave it at that." You're telling him not to play the game because of your own feelings of it, and that's not right. How about you let others form their own opinion on the game before you go right to calling it "garbage" and advise them to only play Season 1.

  • None the less there both AMAZING games... Its just S1 was 4878574878754875847584785748 times better

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    He asked the community's opinion on the best way to enjoy Season 2. I told him the best way to enjoy it is to not play it, because I feel my opinion of TWD would be higher, had I never played season 2, and I think it's a complete waste of time. That's not bad in any way shape or form. It's just my opinion. I'm still letting him make a decision. He can totally choose to disregard me completely. I just think that's the best way to do things.

    I don't see why you're so pissed, aside from the fact that you like it and I don't.

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    If cash was an issue, would you choose to play ONLY season 1, or ONLY season 2?

  • Buy Season 2, then beat somebody up and steal their copy of Season 1 (so the mugging will feel like an accomplishment)

  • Actually, there used to be a bunch of people that used to be here. They all left because they found S2 to be so uninteresting. I'd say that it's about split, if you include the forum from around the time of S1. Maybe a little more on the side that dislike S2, due to S1 being so much more well received. I couldn't say for sure right now.

  • No he asked if he can play Season 2 without playing Season 1, not what other's opinions are on the game itself. Again, I have no problem with your opinion, but you go around stating it as fact like you did previously, you're going to get people pissed off at you. If you're telling him to avoid it, how can he form his own opinion of it?

  • They all left because they found S2 to be so uninteresting

    Or because they only play and are interested in TWD and none of Telltale's other games and now that the season is over and there's nothing left to discuss, they have better things to do with their time. It's an overexaggeration to say they all left because they didn't like Season 2.

  • just for a heads up, episode 4 was the worst episode in season 2, 3rd episode being the second worst

  • S2 to be so uninteresting

    That's such bull crap and you know it. People leave the forums all the time, because they moved on to play other games and had nothing to talk about anymore.

  • If people are gonna get pissed at me, so be it. People have been getting pissed at me on these forums long before I've ever seen you, MetallicaRules. I don't quite care if people get mad. I say what I think is right.

    As for him forming his own opinion, he's gonna form it because 90% chance he plays it, and says, "fuck that one random guy who told me not to play it. Pshhht who does he think he is?" If he avoided it in that 10% chance, though, I consider that victory. Because S2 shouldn't be played.

  • Actually, there was a very large exodus. I can name names if you like. The lack of quality in s2, combined with the format change in the TTG forums led to a huge amount of people leaving. I know because I was here and active at the time.

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