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Stuck: I cannot catch the balloon

posted by LudwigK on - last edited - Viewed by 369 users
How can I catch the balloon?
I am light and faster but what todo now?

Kind regards and thanks for any help.
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  • Unfortunately, in my own save game, my bird seed has disappeared, so I couldn't finish the game with it.

    In the save game from the "stuck inside the ice cream van"-thread gromit has all items to finish the game:

    But seriously: better quality assurance for your next episodes, telltale!
    I had three A-bugs in a short episode (disappearing spanner, stuck in the ice cream van, disappearing bird seed)... am I your beta-tester?

    I downloaded every Sam&Max- and Wallace&Gromit-episode the day they were released, but none of them had a bug which wouldn't let me complete the game... and now 3!
  • I'd call that unlucky. I played the game with only one minor problem (the completed flyer covering the screen during a short cut-scene).

    With the amount of variation in PC hardware & software, perfect bug testing is nigh on impossible.
  • Well, here's another unlucky guy...

    Had the "Stuck in van problem", too. But I just reinstalled the game with the "fixed" version mentioned here in the forums (NOT mentioned by Telltale in any way on the homepage or by email...).

    Now I tried like two days (okay, okay - not all day long...) to stop the *bleep* baloon. Back to the forums, and yep: Missing the bird seed, another bug.

    I also bought the whole Sam&Max + Wallace&Gromit seasons. I intent to buy Monkey Island, too. But this episode definitely has missed some beta testing...maybe you guys shouldn't do too much stuff in parallel.
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