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Consolidated "Adventure Games We'd Like to See" thread

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Threads suggesting adventure games we'd like to see TellTale work on are no new thing to the TTG forums but I thought it might be a good idea if we had the one list of titles rather that dozens of threads that have scrolled away. Every few days or so I'll even update the thread with suggestions from those who've replied.

So far they're mostly old Adventure games nostalgic fans would like to see innovated but there are also TV shows, books and movies in there, too.

I might make a poll on this, depending on responses.

I'll begin by CP'ing lists from other such threads' (FYI, I've omitted 'ideas' that TTG should continue various series' they've already began);
  • Rex the Runt Adventures
  • Day of the Tentacle
  • Myst
  • Indiana Jones
  • Simon the Sorcerer
  • The Simpsons
  • Doctor Who
  • Gabriel Knight series (I don't know if this is an existing game franchise or a TV series or what).
  • Pushing Daisies (ig0rpwnwEd; I LOVE YOU!)
  • Maniac mansion
  • Grim Fandango
  • Space Quest
  • Futurama
  • Red Dwarf
  • The Dig
  • Full Throttle
  • MacGyver
  • Family Guy
  • Doctor Who
  • King's Quest
  • Police Quest
  • Quest For Glory
  • Loom
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Star Trek
  • The Mighty Boosh
  • Get Smart
  • 'An H.P. Lovecraft based game'
  • Garfield
  • Barney Google (Somebody might want to enlighten me, here)
  • The Boondocks (and here)
  • Discworld (Yes, yes; oh please god yes!)
  • Monk
  • Psych
  • Laura Bow (and also here)
  • Simon the Sorceror
  • A Nuklear Power RPG (?)
  • Sanford and Son (I've heard of this but never actually seen it)
  • Leisure Suit Larry
  • The Neverhood
  • The Feeble Files
  • Beneath a steel sky (maybe TTG should just buy Revolution. I can't imagine it'll cost much considering all the cuts they've had to make and it'll be a sure fire way to get a leg in the UK)
  • Blade Runner
  • Gateway
  • Death Gate
  • Shannara
  • Blazing Dragons
  • Digimon (this guy, apparently, was serious)
  • So Blonde
  • Kyrandia
  • Normality
  • Nightlong
  • Sanitarium
  • Stupid Invaders
  • Ceville
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen
  • Still Life
  • Chewy
  • The Accolade adventures (I may have got confused, here, the way that MusicallyInspired's post was phrased made me thing it was but I could have been wrong).
  • Zak McKracken
  • Gang Garrison (no idea if this is real)
  • Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman"
  • Lucifer (Sandman Spinoff)
  • Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Dilbert
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  • I get that, but I still think the ending is perfect as is and doesn't need continuation. It certainly could be done, though.

    If you get the analogy, I feel the exact same about Another World/Out of This World.
  • Marduk wrote: »
    When you click on an item for it to be described one of the characters has to tell you what it is.

    So? I can imagine Fry doing that. I can imagine any character from Futurama to do that, especially Bender, with his Max/Strong Bad-like attitude.

    But seriously, Neverhood? If you've played, or have seen the gameplay of it, you'll see how it could NEVER work with Telltale's style. If you want a Doug TenNapel creation to be made into a Telltale game, I think Gear or Creature Tech would fit better, if you've heard of them.

    Ooh, and how about Psychonauts? I know it's a platformer, but I think it's got potential to be a good adventure game as well.

    My friend insisted on suggesting Quantum Leap. I've never seen it, but I'll put it anyway.

    And Peasant's Quest, maybe? Telltale could really give the old classic some Good Graphics.

    Also, as much as I hate to imagine Telltale entering hazardous lawsuit prone areas (Disney), I have to suggest Duck Tales. Some really good potential there.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing a ducktales thread. I don't know if I added it to the list, here, but I did mention it in some other thread.
  • tredlow wrote: »
    But seriously, Neverhood? If you've played, or have seen the gameplay of it, you'll see how it could NEVER work with Telltale's style.

    I wouldn't write it off. As W&G proved, TT can do the clay look rather well. And while Neverhood wouldn't work with their "three task" puzzle system, they don't *have* to use it. The only thing I'd be worried about is the music. Terry Taylor can't be replaced. (no offense towards Jared Emerson-Johnson.)

    Of course, I'm not exactly the most neutral party on the subject. I'm so desperate for new Neverhood material that I'd buy a blank disc if it had Klaymen's face on it. :p
  • Marduk wrote: »
    the series is definitely closed for me. Even if it wasn't Myst is about deserted but stunningly beautiful places. I don't think their engine could handle it and I don't think the episodic approach would fit the series at all. Yo are free to go to any world you want. If you get stuck somewhere just go back to the starting island again. (that depends on the game in the series though. The first game (and the 3rd too) had some puzzles to be solved when you wanted to return to the main Island. Get stuck and you might aswell start a new game.

    Simon the Sorceror Game number 5 was released this year There is no chance in the world TTG would get the rights for this but they might actually get it right.
  • That depends, did the german developer buy the rights to 'Simon...' completely or did they lease them from the original developers?
  • tredlow wrote: »
    So? I can imagine Fry doing that. I can imagine any character from Futurama to do that, especially Bender, with his Max/Strong Bad-like attitude.

    Also, as much as I hate to imagine Telltale entering hazardous lawsuit prone areas (Disney), I have to suggest Duck Tales. Some really good potential there.

    I completely agree with Duck Tales. Awesome suggestion. We're talking about an established adventure series that even influenced Indiana Jones. I would love to see some episodic Duck Tales adventures. :D
  • 1. TEX MURPHY. Perfectly lends itself to the episodic format, great legacy, and the original creators are available, and own the license.

    2. Space Quest: Might be a little harder to get the license, but Scott Murphy is available and the humor fits perfectly.

    3. Leisure Suit Larry: This series has fallen far but if they got Al Lowe back on board Telltale could do great things.
  • Since we're wishing, hoping, praying, and begging them to go up against the awesome edifice that is the Activision license collection anyway, would you mind if I added a few from the old Infocom catalogue? Those were the golden years:

    The "Enchanter" series-- Running concurrently with and in the same world as the original "Zork" games was the trinity of gaming excellence that began with "Enchanter" and ended with "Spellbreaker." For some reason, they got left behind, possibly because they never invoked the otherwise omnipresent grue. Still, it was a rich (if short) and rewarding (if growing in difficulty) series, and I would love to see more done with it.
    Deadline-- This game was one of the first "detective" adventure games. Even if it doesn't deserve a re-do, it has some valuable lessons and a solid concept.
    Planetfall-- "Planetfall" and its sequel "Stationfall" initiated the concept of the adventure gamer's "sidekick," a concept that is still alive and well, if in slightly altered form. Not only that, but the storyline in the first one is dynamite: a spacefarer unintentionally marooned on a doomed planet with a civilization that set itself in suspended animation to escape an incurable plague is faced with all manner of difficulty and interactive experiences while fighting for survival. I wouldn't want to see it re-done, really, but there's much more to squeeze out of the universe and the franchise.
    Hollywood Hijinx-- This was a fun one. Visually, it would be a treat to re-do, and a treat to be seen re-done. C'mon! There's an inheritance at stake, a malicious intruder running around, and ten old movie props to find. Not to mention the setting is an eccentric mansion stuffed to the gills with all manner of deliciously describable oddities.
    Starcross-- Kind of on the same level as the Douglas Adams "Starship Titanic," but not as humor-stuffed. Once again, so much more could be done with the concept and the universe.

    But that's all wishing. Something actually feasible would be the acquisition of the licenses to some of the old Adventures International Inc. games. The Scott Adams games formed the basis of all of the modern and late adventures we love so well, IMHO. Much of the original Monkey Island work referenced/lampooned the Scott Adams games. The best of the best were:

    "Return to Pirate Island" (sequel to Adams' second game "Pirate Adventure")
    "Savage Island" (Parts I and II)
    "Voodoo Castle"
    "Escape from Pulsar 7"
    "The Golden Baton" (and "Arrow of Death" sequels)

    If I had to choose one out of all of those I've listed so far, knowing it would actually happen, it would be the "Golden Baton" series. It was really simple, constrained by the graphics, but at the same time somewhat complex. The world it contained was engaging, and the series could stand some expansion.

    Other Misc. Games that Would Be Good:

    Texas Instruments "Tunnels of Doom"
    Unknown "The Search for Murgen's Keep"
    Unknown "The Enchanted Keep"
    Unknown "The New King"

    Would you be kind enough to add just a couple of these to your consolidated list? Please?
  • ...the list continued...

    [*]Laura Bow - The games were great, but they're a long gone relic of a golden era. Modern replacements are Art of Murder (No Wikipedia page, sorry) and Secret Files, though I'll agree that they're not as good.
    [*]Simon the Sorceror - Again? Did you even check this list? :p
    [*]A Nuklear Power RPG - If by 'Nuklear Power RPG' you mean 'get Brian Clevinger of to help script a game', then YES. Given that 8-Bit Theater, the main attraction of, is a sprite-based comic retelling of the very first Final Fantasy, a Nuklear Power RPG would basically be a remake of Final Fantasy I. And hasn't that been remade enough?
    [*]Sanford and Son - Why would anyone think this would make a good game?
    [*]Leisure Suit Larry - I think this has had it's day, unless you could get Al Lowe back on it. Even then, it'd be too adult for Telltale anyway.
    [*]The Neverhood - You know that this had a sequel (Skullmonkeys) and they're making a film of it, right? If the film takes off, then yeah, this may be good. But I think Doug TenNapel would make it rather then Telltale.
    [*]The Feeble Files - I don't think the original was good enough to warrant more of it.
    [*]Beneath A Steel Sky - I highly suspect that if Revolution are still going, they'll make this eventually.
    [*]Blade Runner - We already got one fantastic adventure game. Let's leave it be.
    [*]Gateway - I think the original poster was referring to this, in which case I don't think it'd work out as an adventure game. Maybe as an Elite-style flight sim or something like Mace Griffin, which had spaceship-stlye segments and First-Person shooter aspects. Well, maybe.
    [*]Death Gate - Never heard of it, which doesn't bode well at all.
    [*]Shannara - I really do doubt this would work out at all. You'd have to be incredibly faithful to the books to avoid some sort of uprising from the fans, and somehow I doubt that anyone would honestly want that job, especially when the world has been going for thousands of pages already.
    [*]Blazing Dragons - A much better suggestion then some of the others in this list, but it's too old a title and it's too obscure, even by Telltale's standards.
    [*]Digimon - Ha!
    [*]So Blonde - A little early to be calling for more, isn't it?
    [*]Kyrandia - I'd actually like to see these remade, perhaps allowing players to explore for 5 minutes without dying.
    [*]Normality - This could work I suppose, but you'd pretty much have to redo everything about the game in order to make it work. Would you really want that?
    [*]Nightlong - Too old, not obscure, too much work.
    [*]Sanitarium - Self-contained story, doesn't need or deserve a sequel.
    [*]Stupid Invaders - There was an incredibly faithful game (which I really should track down at some point), but the series is originally French and sadly too obscure to really warrant a repeat.
    [*]Ceville - Again, this only recently came out. Stop jumping the gun!
    [*]Flight of the Amazon Queen - It's not a bad little game, but it's too similar to ndiana Jones for most people to want another one.
    [*]Still Life - A sequel for this just came out! Gah!
    [*]Chewy - You mean Chewy: ESC from F5? That was a terrible game! Terrible!
    [*]The Accolade adventures - Wikiepdia turned up nothing, so I'm gonna leave this one alone.
    [*]Zak McKracken - There's several fan sequels for this. The New Adventures of... is one, Between Time and Space is another. A remake of the first one would be much appreciated though, it looks pretty basic these days.
    [*]Gang Garrison - Cute. But no.
    [*]Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' - This would most definately not work as an adventure game. And even if it were to somehow be made into a game at all, Telltale would not be the people for it.
    [*]Lucifer - See 'The Sandman'.
    [*]Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - With the new one by Eoin Colfer due out later this year, a game wouldn't be amiss, but somehow I can't really see it happening. How would you go about doing it, anyway? Remake the old one that was absurdly difficult?
    [*]Dilbert - I'd actually quite like to see this. Think Strong Bad in the office he works at, then set a series of random adventures there. You wouldn't be too far off the mark, and I think (with enough imagination and occasional adventures 'out there') it could work pretty well.
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