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Season 2?

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For all of you who are already enjoying this season of Wallace and Gromit, how would you feel about having another four episodes for next year or 2011? Write suggestions on what you would like to see included in the sequel, and do you think it'll be a hit.
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  • That Would be a treat! And I think one of the episodes should be a gathering of all of the bad guys from the original movies. OR the whole season should be the Movies including: Grand day out, a close shave, the wrong trousers, and curse of the were rabbit! Except a game for curse of the wererabbit has already been made. But yes a Season 2 would be great! Or even better...Grand!
  • I would love to see telltale make four episode season 2 of the shorts.

    I would also like to see it all be interconnected like Sam and Max Season 1, and once finished it is called:

    Wallace and Gromit's Grander Adventures:
    The Criminal Profile of Feathers McGraw
    A Four Episode Epic!
  • It would be nice, i'd prefer that to a Strong bad sequel personally.
    But above all, i want sam and max season 3, or tales of Maniac Mansion.
  • I like Wallace and Gromit, but I don't really fancy another series. It feels like a one-note hit for me. Likewise with SBCG4AP, though maybe a second series of that would be good. Sam and Max and Monkey Island should definitely carry on for a while though.
  • The idea of Wallace living in a world of consistent continuity for too long scares me.
  • I've been enjoying this series and would love to play a second series. As for what it should be, I couldn't say beyond that it should be original stories like this series has been.
  • I think Wallace and Gromit would be great for a new series, but only if it sells well.

    I'd like to see new characters and locales each time though, kinda like how the movies did it. You could just change the town and characters and focus on the other neighbour.

    But I'd like it.
  • The idea of Wallace living in a world of consistent continuity for too long scares me.

  • I could go for some more Wallace & Gromit, but I'd much rather see more Sam & Max.
  • W&G introduced my family to the works of TT, and we've come at this as fans of W&G, not Telltale. I have to say the quality of the animation and voice artistry, not forgetting the music - as captured W&G's world so beautifully, we've got nothing but praise for their far-sightedness in developing the game, especially after the well-documented death of the 'Were-Rabit' feature film (in the US).

    Would I like more episodes? It's a tough call - but I'm sold on the characterisation and gameplay, not forgetting the understated humour/humor so if there was another set of episodes, yes, I would purchae it - but that isn't the point.

    TT need the economiies of scale of a a popular and profitable game. If it takes them a fair time to recoup their costs, rhy on earth would they dilute their profitability by creating addition season(s) when the money hasn't been made back on the first!

    The vibes I get (don't ask me how) are the there will be no more W&G - but I'd be really happy to be told I'm wrong. Looking at the Monkey Island demo, I can see this appealing to a much larger user base (although it leaves me cold!), strangely. So if TT want to give us a heads up, I'd appreciate knowing if the kids will once again get to mosey on down West Wallaby Street in the future!
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