How the Carley/Doug situation should of been handled

Btw before I go on. I LOVE TELLTALE they are my favorite company! I love all their work

Let the writers be more out there. I feel like at the TTG headquarters the writers for TWDG arent allowed to make determinant deaths matter. Lets go all the way back to S1 of TWDG. Remember Doug/Carley? When you chose one the effect in the next episode was AMAZINGLY perfect. Why didnt Nick get any screen time in season 2 episode 3? You guys didnt have a problem with Doug/Carley being determinant and having a bunch of screen time. But S1E3 is where it all changed. I would like to say this.Why did Doug sacrifice himself?? It was no Doug's personality at all! It was really not himself to just pull Ben to the side. It really annoyed me! What about in that episode Lily actually shoots Ben then later on in episode 4 you have a chance to drop Doug from the bell tower if you dont Doug can live to episode 5. But since Kenny isnt really fond of Doug Kenny doesnt sacrifice himself for Doug but instead Kenny sarcarfices himself for lee so Lee can go find Clementine instead of Lee sacrificing for Christa, and Doug can live past episode 5 but then uh oh. Doug dies during the 16 months after Omid's death. Now doesnt THAT sound like a killer story. It would be so different it would HAVE to make people go back and play through it again! Please TellTale give your writing staff some creative freedom


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    As much as was kinda annoying, I liked the way it played out.

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    Well Doug's death was more just for plot...Carley's death seems organic, albeit unjustifued, but Doug didn't sacrifice himself. He was pulling Ben out of the way and in turn put himself in harm's way...but I don't think his intention was to sacrifice himself for's b/c they needed either character gone in ep.3 and they simply gave Doug the same death as Carley...just like how most of their dialogue is similar. As much as I want Carley to live...that's how you know a character has done their job...if you're upset when they die or leave...they had the emotional impact they were intended to have...

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    Doug being an unlikely hero was a part of his personality, though. He saved Carley's life at great personal risk, he ends up going to the St. Johns and saves everybody through unorthodox means, and lastly saves Ben's life, finally losing his own in the process. He may not have been the most adept with guns and fighting, but he had a drive to protect.

    It would be cool to have radically branching paths, but I understand why they don't.

  • Considering only like 15% saved Doug, they wouldn't make Doug live past Carley and then do all this, then to be killed off screen

  • This ^

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    Doug being an unlikely hero was a part of his personality, though. He saved Carley's life at great personal risk, he ends up going

  • Ok well. I chooseCAtalystanyway. But after reading this I would definitely play wd s 1 and 2again. Thanks master! BTW TELLTALE GAMES ARE AWESOME! RESPECT FOR CREATORS! Talking between us - I have some crazy awesome ideas about season 3.

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