My Episode Titles

Sorry if there's already a thread like this, I couldn't find it. Anyway, these are what I would name the episodes of The Walking Dead Game Seasons 3,4 and 5.

Season 3:

No One Else

What Lies Ahead

Stalked by Death

Line of Fire

Beyond our Fear

Those Who Remain

We Loose Ourselves

No Hope Left

Path Less Traveled

Don't Look Back

Season 4:

Brave New World

The Fallen Rise

Stand by Me

A Beacon of Hope

What Lies Beyond

Remember the Lost

Death From Within

Fear the Living

Nowhere to Run

Dawn of War

Season 5:

After the Fall

State of Decay

Cloak and Dagger

Never Let Go

In Cold Blood

Among the Fallen

On the Road

A Nation Fallen

Better to Sleep

Into the Fray


  • The Episode titles are in a single sentence.

    Try using bullets or do double-spaces between each :)

  • I really wished they named Around Every Corner The Bell Tolls.......

    I do like Remember the Lost.

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    "Don't Look Back"
    "Brave New World"
    "Nowhere to Run"
    "State of Decay"
    "Cloak and Dagger"
    "Never Let Go"

    "Into the Fray"

    Not sure if a massive coincidence or a reference...

    Also is the name "A Beacon of Hope" also a reference?

  • I know Carver says that they can make Howe's "a beacon of hope" in Episode 3, but other than that, I don't think so.

  • I still hope they make another episode im waiting for the next season to come out.

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    "In Cold Blood", the title for ITF3 Ep5. Hehe.

    Also isn't "The Fallen Rise" from TKA/Drexs' fanfic based on their vision of Season 3?

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    Yeah, I also tought that "A Beacon of Hope" to the 4th Episode of their fic "Beacon of Light" but yeah it has more sense that it is just a reference to Carver.

    Also not sure but "No Hope Left" might also had been the title for an episode of a fic... IDK.

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    Those are all good names. The secret behind a Walking Dead episode title is that it needs to reflect the situation or conflict our protagonist faces.

    It was A New Day in the world once the zombie apocalypse happened. Lee met Clementine along with some other friends who eventually found refuge at a motor-inn. As time went on, the effects of the apocalypse would cause food to become more scarce. Lee's group was Starved For Help, so to speak, and mistook some folks who owned a dairy as a means of help. After leaving the dairy, it became clear that staying at the motor-inn had run it's course. Lee's group got a new plan. Find a boat in Savannah, and hopefully, Clem's parents. It would be a Long Road Ahead from here on out. Once they reached Savannah, there was new dangers Around Every Corner. Not only was there zombies to deal with, but a hooded parkour expert, a cancer group, Crawford, and a stalker who kidnaps Clem. Unfortunately, Lee would get bit. There was No Time Left anymore. Lee needed to save Clem and fast. Thankfully, Lee did and said his goodbyes...

  • I like it. As I read yours, an episode title just came into my head:

    Image: Clementine on her knees watching ahead, her back facing us. In front of her is a man standing , supposedly Lee, but the light behind his head hides his face.

    Episode 5 : Wait For Me

  • I know that Into the Fray is a Fan-Fic and I love it. However, the reason I named it that was not a rip-off of that, but rather a similar meaning to the film "The Grey" staring Liam Neeson. In it, he recites a poem about going into the Fray and he recited it as he was dying........

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    Nah don't worry.

    Even if they were indeed based in the Episode names for Into the Fray I think that would please Jake more than annoy him since it would be some kind of (righfull) recognition.

    OFC most of the episode names that Jake use are also based on other media (for exemple all the chapters names in Nowhere to Run are taken from a poem if I remember correctly).

  • Into the Frey would be a better title of a GOT episode

  • I don't think anyone's keen to get into a member of House Frey any time soon.

  • It would be funny if the very last episode of the game was called 'The Last of Us".

  • Season 3
    Episode 1: Beginning Of The End
    Episode 2: The Fear Within
    Episode 3: In Deaths Reach
    Episode 4: Shrouded In Darkness
    Episode 5: One Last Chance

  • Don't worry, no one is accusing you of ripping anything off; especially considering the titles I use in the fic are usually just general sayings anyway and I don't hold any ownership over them. I'm more flattered that you've read the fic XD

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    (for exemple all the chapters names in Nowhere to Run are taken from a poem if I remember correctly).

    Yep, "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust" by Kev Elmer.

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