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The Vent/Help Thread

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The Vent Thread, also known as the Help Thread, is the thread for people who just want to release emotions.

It may look strange at first, but there are sometimes that you need to get something off your chest. I promise that it will make you feel better. You're not weird for having those emotions/problems... you may even meet someone who had or is having the same problem as you are and that will help you out, since one of the main objectives of this thread is to help one another

Do you have a crush? Do you want to critizice something? Do you need help because you're in the middle of two evils? Feel free to express yourself.

Oh, also, thanks to TheGreatLeoDio for reviving this thread.

  • Prepare for a rant.

    I fucking hate PE its so stupid, some dumb people think it promotes physical activity but if you dont like exercising it does the opposite. Its created so many issues, i was never uncomfortable with my body before PE I never had anxiety attacks. I used to love playing outside and hiking before I had to be in PE. The fact I have to deal with it for another year is fucking dumb and if any of you actually think PE is good for everyone you are fooling yourself. its such a flawed class.

    • I fucking hated pe too its so fucking shit.

      I had astma and trouble breathing and my teacher never believed me because I was slim and I didnt carry an inhaler (because before that shool I was bullied about weight and astma so I tried to change before secondary school) he used to push me beyond my limits once I gave up in a bleep test (the work of the fucking devil) and the cunt made me drag myself up and down the feild in the fucking hail (i was so il i needed time off school)! It all stopped one day when I collapsed in a purple breathless heap on the floor and someone had to give me an inhaler.

    • I hate PE too. I'm not particularly athletic at all and when under pressure my performance while playing sports is even lower (if that's possible). Some days I dread going to school just because of PE and having to deal with all the obnoxious seniors and juniors during that class.

    • I hated gym too. SO glad that shit is over for me. Never been good at sports and never will be (I can't even do a single pull-up). Our teachers always made us jog at the beginning of class and I haaaate jogging. I get tired really easily and my throat aches. Besides that, whenever we had to team up, no one ever wanted anything to do with me. I'd literally have to tell the teacher that I didn't have a partner, and they'd force me into a group. Volleyball made me extremely nervous because I could never serve correctly or keep track of the rules and score. People would yell at me for missing the ball, hitting it when I shouldn't have, ect. I've broken down crying more than once. My classmates probably thought I was pathetic. Sometimes I wouldn't even get changed just to avoid getting upset and/or humiliated.

      In short, gym should be an elective. It's not at all beneficial for people with anxiety and body issues. We're perfectly capable of exercising on our own.

    • PE was great fun for me. Get a relaxing and fun hour or so out of class, playing football with your mates, having a laugh. Majority of people enjoyed it, PE may be the only exercise some kids get in this day and age, it most certainly is good for them. If you're unfit and "don't like exercising", you're the one with the problem, not the class.

    • I was alright with the exercising, but the actual games and social aspect I dreaded. I'm not physically a very pushy person, and definitely not aggressive enough to do well in any of these games. Add that to nobody wanting to be my partner and people screaming at me for not acting like it's the Olympics, and you got my middle school and high school gym experience.

    • I thought I was the only who hated it. I seriously just embarrass myself in front of everyone and I can't even play sports. We have to jump some shit, climb the ladders that I hate because I don't really like heights, teacher always makes me do some stupid shit that I obviously can't do but she says I can. No one gets it that I simply wasn't made to do all that stuff. And I remember how it was much worse when I was a kid, everyone was there having fun and laughed at me when I fell or something else.

    • I hated PE too. But I had to take it because it was required in order to graduate high school.

    • I'm not in school anymore, but when I was I hated PE until the final 2 years until I loved it. Mainly because they allowed us to choose what we wanted to do in our last years and who with and that's what made it fun but just try to enjoy what they offer. I used to play soccer/football but I didn't like it, I have no idea why I played it. But I'm weird like that, I somehow like English as well. I hate math though so I'm not 100% insane. Yet. :p

  • I don't really see the point of this thread.

    I mean, emotions are emotions, but sometimes a person must "vent" something really personal. Would it be wise to leave it for a whole bunch of anonymous users to read?

  • Got a crush, im a pussy runs away

    That helped

  • I am bored and depressed, I will commit suicide...


    because I want to do clean... I own big sword and sniper but I feel like jumping from skyscrapers roof...

    I want to know how I can do this without doing too much blood splash and fast using the best method.

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    I usually write poems to vent.

    • You do? That sounds great!

      If I do not bother, can I see a sample of your art?

    • I wrote a small poem for 'Why We Remember' week.


      The soldiers of World War One,

      They fought on the ground the dead lay on.

      It's quite a feat to have the strength

      To kill men to ridiculous lengths

      And live with the trauma that accompanies it,

      Although crimes they may commit.

      How do they have the courage to pick up a gun

      and slave away 'til the end of the sun?

      I know I couldn't leave my family

      And travel a distance as long as the sea.

      We create monuments which we erect

      And utter the words which we let

      Dwell in our minds - "Lest We Forget".


      I hope you liked it! I put a lot of effort into it and I'm quite new to poetry!

  • I usually stabbed a tree to vent my frustration or just cuss, yell, and punch a wall.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    How i vent: Pretty much my feelings: in life. I try to put my words to video, i think this is a accurate representation of me.

    Click here

  • I have another one:

    Aren't we humans disgusting animals? I mean we've only been on the earth for such a short period and already we are destroying it already, we are so selfish and inconsiderate. Especially those of us in a first world country, I literally wake up in the morning not wanting to go to school when theres kids killed, kidnapped just for going to school! children praying just to be educated!. Meanwhile im sitting on my ass whining about it.. In so many ways I wish I was born in a developing country so I could actually have something to live for, life is almost too easy for us, shelters are made for me, food is made for me, even water is made for me! (Well kinda if that makes sense). We take so many things for granted and its just wrong, I honestly cant wait until our species is extinct because we really shouldn't exist honestly.

    • We take so many things for granted and its just wrong, I honestly cant wait until our species is extinct because we really shouldn't exist honestly.

      IMO that's a really negative way of looking at it, if you think you take things for granted then try your best not to complain. Or even try your best to do something about it when you get older. Wishing extinction on our species just because we could be better is IMO the wrong way to think.

      • When I wish extinction I dont mean "I'm abandoning the human race and going to go kill everyone" I just mean the world would probably be better off without us.

        I am doing some change when I get olderish next summer i'm going to Africa (Rwanda) with a volunteer group to help build houses.

        Wishing extinction on our species just because we could be better is IMO the wrong way to think.

        I dont really think its the wrong way to think, and even if it is this is the vent thread where you can get things like this off your chest, I like to think of it as more of a deep way to look at things then a wrong way.

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      Aren't we humans disgusting animals?

      Depends on the person. I consider myself above the bell.

      not wanting to go to school when theres kids killed

      I never wanted to go to school either as a kid.

      In so many ways I wish I was born in a developing country

      The grass is greener eh? Man if you haven't seen poverty, go see it. It'll be a eye opening experience for you.

      I honestly cant wait until our species is extinct because we really shouldn't exist honestly.

      Human beings are also creatures that learn from our past/history. It might take us another hundred years but eventually people will figure it out.

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