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A Note of Thanks

posted by MHG9000 on - last edited - Viewed by 288 users
I wasn't sure where to write this or who to send it to,, but I just wanted to thank the people who made Sam and Max. I downloaded it on XBOX Live Arcade and it's the first game I've truly fallen in love with. So much love and care was put into this game, i can't wait until the next instalment comes out on XBLA.
Like I said, I wasn't sure where to write this and I didn't want to sound like I was sucking up or anything (some forums can be a bit nasty to newbies). It's just, well, when someone does something that makes you so happy, you should tell 'em right?
Thank you again!

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  • That's awesome you enjoyed it, wait til you play season 2! It's even funnier
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    Brendan Telltale Alumni
    Thank you for the kind words, Mike! On behalf of the entire Sam & Max team, you are very welcome to the forums, so long as you continue to love us unconditionally. ;)
  • You definitely have a reason to look forward to Season Two. I think it's pretty unanimous that Season Two is much better than the already great Season One. Better writing, better music, better puzzles, just better everything.
  • Yeah, Season Two wins by a mile, and that's saying a lot since Season One was amazing.
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    Bogie Telltale Staff
    man I love the people in this forum
  • It seems that this WAS the right place to write that note after all! Everyone seems to love season two and I can't wait until it comes out on XBLA now after all this hype! I'm just curious as to what's going to happen to Lincoln's head (a surprise fave character for me)
    I can only imagine that season three will be as close to Nirvana as possible!
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    hey, you got Bogie to make his second post! nice job!

    seriously... you're gonna love season 2.
  • I can only join the fantalk here - Season 1 was great, Season 2 was simply unbelievable. If I was to quote the really funny moments, I'm not sure if I could stop before 100.
  • I'm totally agree with you Mike. I just bought Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit on Xbox Live Arcade and they are simply amazing.

    Thank you Telltale and keep up the good work! Oh, and I hope your other games (Strong Bad and Tales of MI) will be appearing in XBLA soon enough. Surely a dream would come true. :)

    (A new fan of yours from Hungary : )
  • hey guys!!
    i would also like to say thanks to all the team for sam & max which i also got off XBLA (had the PC version but my old laptop kept crashing so got the 360 version)
    love the ol' skool style point & click adventures and they make a nice change to my usual gaming diet of FPS, TPS & RPG's :)

    in fact i think we are in a resurge of point & click titles, they ARE making a comeback and i think they are gonna grab a whole new audience!

    thanks a lot tell tale games!!!
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