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Few problems with Bone, thus far

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Saved game after getting to possums to play hide seek. Was playing in windowed mode.

Firstly, the game would refuse to start up after quitting but instead gave a nice access violation error. (Unfortunately I don't have the precise error message anymore).
An uninstall/reinstall fixed the issue.

Secondly, when I now load my possums game, I can't get anything to happen. The possums certainly aren't calling out hot/cold etc. I can move Fone Bone around - and read the book in places, but that's about it. Don't know whether I've missed something, or whether saving at that moment is a bad move.
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    Yeah, same happened to me. I just restarted from the beginning, hoping it wouldn't happen again if I just make sure I don't save/load after the possums start their game.
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    Yes, listen to BigJKO. Try playing from a previously saved game and then do not save/load after the possums start their game and you should be fine.
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    Thanks for the reply Heather, though it came a little too late. I'd finished the full episode about half an hour before :)
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