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Official Rhysha Thread (Episode 5 Spoilers)

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Welcome to the Rhysha thread! Homebase for everyone who ships Rhysha.

Join us on Discord chat HERE! Everyone is welcome!

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Short Rhysha thread FAQ:

I see you have these nice avatars with Rhysha written over it. Can I have one too?

Sure you can! Either send me a PM or post a comment in the thread with a desired picture of the avatar and I will take care of the rest. You can also ask to be in the Rhysha map as well while you’re at it.

Maybe this might be a stupid question, but how do I change my avatar?

Not a stupid question at all! The Gravatar thing can sometimes be very confusing. Anyway, watch THIS VIDEO to help you out.

You mentioned Rhysha map. What is that?

It’s basically a map of the world with members avatars on the places where they live. As I said, if you’d like to be there, just PM me or leave a comment here. You can check out the map below.

I did and there’s also a huge wall with a lot of avatars in it. What’s that about?

Oh, these are just our Rhysha members. You should get automatically in if you decide to join our ship. ;) Currently it hasn’t been updated months (okay, that may be an exaggeration, but still) and Grumpy is working on an updated version right now.

So what do you guys usually do besides shipping?

Well, we usually hang out in the chat or play games when there’s an event.

You have chat? How can I join?

Sure we do! You can find it HERE. No registration required, tho I would recommend it. :P

And what about the events?

Almost every Thursday and Saturday we gather up and play various games. CHECK THIS OUT to see the schedule.

Cool. How can I join them?

The easiest way would be to join our chat few minutes before the event starts. Sometimes we play on Steam, so being in our RHYSHA STEAM GROUP would be an advantage. If you want an invite, just PM me or comment in the thread.

At what time are the events?

At 9 PM CEST/8 PM BST/3 PM EDT/12 AM PDT. If you don’t want to miss, keep checking the link to countdown below, I should be updating it few days before each event.


Any other features I should know about?

We have a slightly neglected WIKI, but there’s always time to change the neglected status. The wiki is free to edit by anyone, so even you can join! :D And if you prefer reading, be sure to check the fanfics below.

Alt text

Alt text

Official Rhysha World Map:

Alt text

Rhysha poster and map were made by @GrumpyDof.

Rhysha: The Last Crusade made by @Irunts and @GrumpyDof:

Rhysha: The Last Crusade

Rhysha theme song

Rhysha fanfics:



All hail Rhysha!

enter image description here

Rhysha vs Rhyiona fanart made by @GrumpyDof & @nohuhhuh. You can see nohuhhuh's Rhyiona part HERE.

PS: Please don't bother Rhyionas in their thread with Rhysha stuff. You're not only annoying almost everyone in their thread that way, but also showing Rhyshas in a bad light. Thanks.

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