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case 1 -is there a bug?

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i'm having a bit of a problem with case 1.after collecting the murder weapon i cannot detect the blood stain from the statues nose.i have taken a hint and found the appropriate tool but i still can't detect it.patch 1.8 ain't a solution to this problem,is there a bug or something?
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  • Hi Kizzz,

    I don't know of a bug in this case.

    Are you sure you're using the right statue? There are two. You should be looking on the one found in a dumpster (provided to you by Brass), not the one found at the artist's house.
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    i'm using the second statue and i have already identified it as a murder weapon.ive also taken the blue paint out of it but i cannot make the blood trace appear from the statue's nose! the silly thing is that i can see the blood trace but i cant make the game identify it!!-and im also using the tool provided by the hint!!- heeeeeeeeeeeelp
  • It sounds like you might just be missing the hotspot. I'm not sure but this might be a finicky one.

    If you want to email your saved game to, I'll take a look at it for you. (And if it turns out this is a bug, the save will help our tech guys fix it!)
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    i've sent my savegame where u told me.
    thx for helping.
  • Got it, thanks. I forgot to mention there's one other file I need - CSI3SaveGame1.prop (it contains your profile).

    I talked to one of the designers here, and if it turns out to be a bug, we should still be able to get past the glitch for you and send back a saved game right after it.
  • Hi Kizzz,

    Still waiting for that second file before I can help you with this. :)
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