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Hello guys,
I am totally excited at the idea of playing a new Sam & Max experience, but... I am worried for this delay of the Bone series. I've read in the Game Life preview that the work on next episodes will be on hold until the Sam & Max Season One is finished. This means we'll not see any new Bone episode before summer 2007 (I guess). I am a little disappointed, to say the truth. I know there's something akin to a "director's cut" of the first two games in the works, but I assume it won't include "Eyes of the storm".
I don't have anything against the episodic content, actually I'm a fan of it, yet... I'm worried, that's all.


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    Don't be worried. ;)

    The wording about Bone in the Game|Life blog came out a little different than we intended. It's true that the team is focused on Sam & Max right now, but there's some Bone stuff going on behind the scenes and the project is still very near and dear to our hearts.

    As soon as we have news about the next Bone game (and we will!), you fans will be the first to know. :D
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    Thanks for your reply, Emily.
    A few moments ago I've read about the German "Bone Gold", so I guess you're figuring out a new way of managing the international versions. This is the kind of thing that makes me stop worrying. ;)
    A widespread and translated European release could be a nice warming up before the next Bone games are developed.
    Now I only hope that some Italian publisher will try to follow BHV. :p
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    The other night I had a dream that the Bone series had been retooled as a hardcore, extremely stat-heavy party based RPG; it wasn't bad. I'm not sure that's particularly relevant but I felt compelled to share it.
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