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Will it be the same of HTR's? I liked that theme!
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  • Uh, you mean the main theme song right? Sorry, it's just kind of not quite finished question like: What is delicious? (
    Sam and Max had a main theme? All I remember is listening to 100's (okay, possible exaggeration) of exceedingly catchy MIDI bleeps and bloops. Judging from the fact that they mostly changed the music depending on where you were in the game, I'm going to doubt it. I reckon there'll be new music for these new games.
  • Don't you like HTR's soundtracks?
    Anyway, Monkey Island's main theme song has been brought to new life, and it was just a "bleep bloop" midi, as you say :). But it's famous now, you can't make a sequel without using that theme.
    I know McConnell and Land didn't work for S&M ep.1, and I liked every Bone music. I just wonder if AT LEAST Hit The Road's main theme will still be used.

    p.s. funny link :))
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    I'm not sure they would be allowed to re-use the main theme..
  • Check out this from an interview with Telltale's composer, Jared Emerson-Johnson:

    I loved hearing the Sam & Max theme tune at the end of the trailer. Will any other tunes from Hit the Road be coming back for the episodes?

    Lucasarts still owns all of the original music for Hit The Road, and Telltale's Sam and Max series is definitely blazing new ground for the characters and their universe. Keep your ears open, though. There will definitely be a few nods.

    So it may pop in some form in the game. I have to say though, I really don't consider what plays over Hit the Road's opening credits to be "The Sam & Max theme" so much as, well, the Hit the Road opening titles theme. I don't remember the ingame music pulling from it (am I wrong?). It's not like the Monkey Island theme. Does Sam & Max really have a one theme song?
  • Hey, thanks for the info, you guys from mixnmojo rule :)
    Well, I don't know if we can consider it as an OFFICIAL Sam & Max theme, anyway.
    I simply loved the opening credits theme tune, I often listen to it to cheer me up. Dunno what to think.
  • The music is all new. Nothing has been taken from Hit the Road.

    That said, a lot of it is in the same style as Hit the Road.
  • Good to know!
    Thanks for your reply, Emily :)
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    I noticed that, in the background music to the E3 trailer, there's a very definate nod to the "Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence" song from HTR, but it's fairly subtle.
  • The music is all new. Nothing has been taken from Hit the Road.

    That said, a lot of it is in the same style as Hit the Road.
    That makes sense. The jazzy film noir flavor that Hit the Road introduced is what I think of when I think of Sam & Max music, and it sounds like for the New York locale Telltale is staying faithful to that style. But once Hit the Road went into crazy new locations the music got appropriately diverse and crazy to reflect the diverse and crazy environments. It should be the same way with these new games.
  • Right. I've got a good omen about this, I'm just not worried.
    That's because I liked every Bone song.
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