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Episode 5 Release Date Discussion - PC/Mac/PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360/iOS/Android Out Now

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Please use this thread for discussion about game release dates and/or discussion about the wait for the next episode. Thanks!

Release Dates:

  • PC/Mac - July 21st
  • PS4/PS3 NA - July 21st
  • PS4/PS3 EU - July 21st
  • Xbox One - July 22nd
  • Xbox 360 - July 22nd
  • iOS - July 23rd
  • Android - July 23rd


Update: July 16th

Update: July 15th

Update: July 14th:

Update: July 13th

Update: July 7th

Update: July 3rd

Update: July 1st

Update: June 22nd

Update: June 14th

Update: June 10th

Update: June 8th

Update: May 20th

Update: May 12th

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