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contrast /colors of subtitles poor

posted by Moo-Crumpus on - Viewed by 135 users
While enjoying Sam'N'Max on XBox360, I am still dissatisfied with the subtitle (and text) quality.

- The text mostly has little contrast and is hardly to read. Let's say the subtext is in front of a dark background while the letters are grey blue. Or the background is white, as the subtext is at the same time.

- The dialogue chooser is allways offering a shaded backround frame, and grey blue letters.

I would really love to have a shaded background frame and brighter text, and different colors for dialogue selection and subtext.

Furhtermore, I really miss one feature of elder adventure games: stop the dialogue until one butten is pressed or slow down subtextes. If you don't speak english, it will take some time to read the subtext. You'll miss a lot of jokes, if you don't do that - and Sam just keeps talking.
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