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Most annoying people in each episode (possible spoilers)

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Episode 1: Homestar

Yes, it's Strong Bad's fault for even getting Homestar there. But who pranked the KOT causing Episode 2, won TFCRTTEOTR, and stole documents for the KOT? YOU.

Runner up: Strong Mad

While it's hillarious to run into Strong Mad and have him throw you out, it still kinda frustrates me how he isn't helping Strong Bad with this.

Episode 2: Homestar

Yep, him again. He dosen't even let you out of the castle. And if you talk to him you feel insulted. He even says that Strong Bad has a dumb job, and thought that the KOT was Strong Bad's mom. Double burn.

Runner up: Strong Sad

Back and more whiny-er then ever, Strong Sad gets on your nerves. From whining about sickness, to calling you My Leige, you are so glad to beat Maps and Minions.


Okay, we know are band is terrible, you just continue to insult us more. Like you could play any bet-oh yeah. You can.

Runner up: Marzipan

2 words: EAT. GUITAR.

Episode 4: Marzipan

Marzipan dosen't give you a little hair. You'd think she has enough. And when you do trick her in to getting some, YOU GET A PENCIL STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. I can't believe Strong Bad was killed from that.

Runner-up: Uh, no one. Can't really think of anything.

Episode 5: Stinkoman


Runner-up: Homestar

Bad flying pop-up Homestar! Bad!


This is just my opinions. This stuff was all pretty comical. Who do you think was annoying in SBCG4AP?
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  • Meh. These are only annoying is you don't like being insulted. Being insulted is a daily event for me, so I didn't mind them at all.

    P.S. Gel-Arshie MADE episode 5 for me. So weird, so weird, so very very weird. It's disturbingly funny!
  • Gel-Arshie was disturbing for me. And funny, because I had seen King of Kong, A Fistful of Quarters not long before Ep 5, which made me laugh at the thought of getting a kill-screen in a crappy game. I get insulted for my voice on various online games with speaking abilities. I am pretty much fine with insulting things.
    Except people calling me carrot-top for my hair...... I FREAKING HATE CARROT-TOP!
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