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Unofficial Tales of Monkey Island photo editing contest!

posted by [TTG] Yare on - last edited - Viewed by 15.8K users
A few days ago, a thread popped up in this forum with some pictures of Monkey Island characters crossing over into other media. The pictures were great, but they were buried in a terrible thread and I think they need a proper home.

But here's where it gets interesting. I will take entries for a week or so. Then, I will have people in the office vote on their favorite edits. The winners will get something. What are the prizes, and how many will be awarded? I'll figure that part out later. Whatever it is, it's probably coming out of my own wallet. Exciting! Some possibilities, depending on what I wind up getting away with:

1) I will use your image as my forum avatar or signature or something.
2) Coupons for the Telltale Store?
3) I (or other random people) might sign something and send it to you. (approximate value $0 ).
4) ???

Post your entries in this thread. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This is not an official contest. Nothing I've said here is binding in any way you or a team of lawyers could dream up.

The thread will be closed to new contest entries 10 AM PST on July 13th as my coworkers and I hold a super top-secret vote. I'll announce the winners and their prizes a day or two after.

You can continue posting images after the contest closes if you fancy.

***** Contest is now closed. Results will be announced in a day or so. *****

I haven't forgotten about you guys! I'm busy programming a program right now, but the web team has stepped up to help out with the contest. Stay tuned!



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