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Monkey Island Screaming Narwhal - a few bugs

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I'll send it to tech support so there wont be any spoilers...
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  • I wanna test out the game and find bugs!! :(
  • nkdfairybabe;147307 said:
    I wanna test out the game and find bugs!
    This is clearly a joke topic. If he was really a tester or a journalist with a review copy, he would have known better than to post here in the first place.
  • complete nobhead hoaxer prick that doesn't no better.. monkey island fan my ass... fuck off loser
  • Bug found (unfortunately): at the creepy shack while checking the skull (left side of the room) the game crashed. Vista mentioned it was trying to solve something, it obviously didn't (new Dr. Watson, Microsoft?). Any error log I can send you guys?
  • Unfortunately logs don't do us much good. If it's happening consistently in the same place it may just be a downloaded data problem. If it's not reproduceable, then it's likely that your system just choked on something.
  • Possible bug: You can break the unbreakable bottle without distracting the glassblower with a cannon shot by simply using the bottle on the glass breaker thingie while the breaker is lying on a box (with glassblower standing in front of his shop). Even though it shows the usual "keep your hands off it!" cutscene, you still get to use it, which I don't think should be possible (mind you, the breaker still lies on the box and you break the bottle with it two steps away, so there's two breakers on-screen when you do that).
    You have to grab the breaker to advance later in the game, so it doesn't allow you to skip the cannon shot puzzle. Still, a little bit that seemingly got looked over.
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