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Check your EMAIL NOW to D/L MI!!

posted by Traz on - last edited - Viewed by 344 users
Ok ok sorry I had to do it lol.

But none the less.

If you have a BlackBerry or Iphone or smart phone that can tell you when you have email or hell just keep your email program open.

Telltale will send us all out a email when we can D/L

So for those who are staying up all night here is what you should do.

1. Set up so you can sleep somewere near your PC.
2. Turn computer Volume to 100% on PC and on speakers.
3. Turn on New Email sound for your email program.
4. Make sure the Email program is set up to recieve from the Email addy you bought Monkey Island with.
5. Turn off all other PC sounds.
6. Sleep and let Telltale wake you up when your email comes in :D
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