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Monkey In My Pocket - Karaoke!

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
I know that it's a hard waiting time...
I've been singing this song for a couple of hours now, it's kinda stuck at the back of my I thought "Let's share this with the world!"
(yes, I am extreeeeeemly evil)


Oh there's a
Monkey in my pocket
And he's stealing all my change.
His stare is blank and glassy
I suspect that he's deranged.

Those slimy feet, those crooked teeth
The drooling and the smell
If I didn't know any better
I'd say that I'm in hell !

Oh Monkey,
You clinge on to me,
Please go to where monkeys like you should be!

I ran away, far away
As far as I could
The monkey kept clinging on to me
Just like fire on wood.

I poked it's head, I bit it's tail
I yelled and I screamed,
Please Voodoo Lady help me now
Get rid of this freakin' thing!

Chorus (repeat)

The Voodoo Lady said to me,
Just go and ask LeChuck.
LeChuck? Yes. Why?! Oh, I don't know
Just go and try your luck!

So on I went, the monkey too
And I showed it to him.
He said: Argh! Well I'll be damned,
'tis my pet monkey Tim!

Chorus (repeat)

This' yours?


And I said "This is yours?!"
Yes no doubt it,
Of course!
Get him off me!

'cause I will
Certainly, hopefully, probably
Kill this monkey!

Stole my change!
Tim would not!
Yes he did, he got caught!
He would never steal anything from you... Just get your monkey away...Leave my monkey alone...Tell him to leave me alone!

I've got no more
Monkey in my pocket,
And I've got all my change
I pre-ordered Monkey Island
And now I have to wait...
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