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The Ninja

posted by DarthRevan00m9 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
Trying to figure out how to find the Ninja. I already gave him the knife and covered him in the black ink. What do I do next?
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  • You have to use the map D'Oro gave you to find the treasure spot. Just follow the instructions on the map ;)
  • I used it but it just keeps leading me to where D'Oro is.
  • your not following it correctly "LISTEN" to the directions
  • Look at the map, you should follow the sound of that specific animal, not the left or right directions.
  • To be more specific:

    Use the map on the Wishing Well, then just follow the animal sounds, like it is written on the map ;)

    3 guys => Same idea :D
  • I'm stuck on that as well for the last 25 minutes. I have started out at the Well, and followed the unique sounds (as well as picking up the bombs), but it only leads me back to where D'Oro is.

    I've tried to enterpit the map as many times as I can, but my current conclusion is that either the map is wrong, or the pathways aren't leading me to where I'm supposed to be.

    As it is right now, I am forced to to a constant save/load spam in order to figure out where each pathway leads, seeing as it changes when you go back the way you came, sometimes.

    Any REAL hints would be of great help.

    My current path is as follows: WELL (Starting point) -> Boar -> Monkey -> Bee -> Monkey -> Boar -> Bee -> Bird -> D'Oro.
  • Don´t be confused if the map leads you back to D'Oro :rolleyes:
    Just follow the instructions...don´t mind the enviroment around you ;)

    Okay... Maybe you just get the wrong way? It worked fine for me on the first time...
  • Ya, I already did the same thing. I did already listen to the sounds of the map and it just keeps leading me in circles (as D'Oro said it would). Is there a specific place where D'Oro is that I'm supposed to place it?
  • Found out my mistake. Wasn't using the map ON the wishing well. Thanks for the help.
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