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Video issues displaying UI elements

posted by TylerK on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Several people including myself having display issues as shown in screenshot here:

UI elements such as the inventory are showing up all black, but still appear to operate normally. (I can take items out of inventory even if I can't see them.)

Updated DX, drivers, etc etc. I'm using fairly old hardware but I haven't had a problem with previous Telltale games.
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  • I'm not exactly sure why that might be. Changing graphics quality doesn't affect the darkness?
  • Will;149968 said:
    I'm not exactly sure why that might be. Changing graphics quality doesn't affect the darkness?
    I don't have the option. I assume that's some UI option that's not being displayed?
  • Oh, hmm, yes that would be a problem. In another thread I attached a prefs.prop file. That might fix your problem, but just to be safe you might want to copy out your current prefs.prop to the desktop.
  • I am also having this problem combined with character voices not matching movements and considerable slowness. I tried using the file referenced and was told it was corrupt or invalid.
  • I have the exact same issue on XP with a GeForce Ti 4200 (latest drivers + DX). The menu is just text on a black background, and in-game the recipe and inventory is (near-) black too. The rest of the game (audio + visuals) seems fine.

    Toggling full-screen or changing the resolution doesn't help, and the quality setting is locked to 1, so I can't change that. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Exact same issue for me. Same video card too, but I thought this met the specs!
  • i also have an nvidia gforce card is the game not support nvidia cards?
  • Same problem for me. Not only that, but the game lags. I'd give you guys proper statistics for my videocard, but it's all in Dutch so it's hard to figure out what means what.

    It's a Via/S3G Unichrome Pro igp videocard. ... If that means anything.
  • Unfortunately, all of these cards listed are really pretty old, so there isn't a whole lot we can do about it. If the drivers and directx are up to date, then it may just not support a necessary lighting effect or something. If you can't get it to work, please write in to [email][/email] for a refund
  • Then... This means we won't be able to play the game at all? Rather than receiving a better (perhaps downgraded?) version, we get our money back? I suppose it's fair, but... Does this mean we won't get the DVD at the end of the series either?
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